Book review: Mystic Investigators: Bullets & Brimstone

Mystic Investigators: Bullets & Brimstone
By Patrick Thomas & John L. French
Published by Dark Quest Books
ISBN: 978-0-9826197-3-5
Review copy purchased by reviewer

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

Fresh from my review of Stefan Kanfer’s bio of Humphrey Bogart, here’s my review of another Bogie fan created by New York homeboy Patrick Thomas. Those of you familiar with the world of Murphy’s Lore will welcome the return of Negral, the forgotten fire god of Sumeria who became the Devil’s Detective to avoid fading away. Fresh from his triumph in Patrick’s previous publication, “Lore and Dysorder”, which this book keeps referring to (or was it this book that preceded “Lore and Dysorder”? Let’s do the Time Warp again!), Negral joins forces with a mortal cop, a police detective named Bianca Jones, to track down one of the Devil’s lost souls. That’s someone who signed a contract with the Devil and tries to get out of it.
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Book review: Dead to Rites

Dead to Rites: The DMA Casefiles of Agent Karver
By Patrick Thomas, C J Henderson, John L French
Padwolf Publishing 2010
ISBN: 9781890096427
Review copy purchased by reviewer

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

Fans of “The X Files” will be happy to know that there is a worthy literary equivalent in Patrick Thomas’ Agent Karver, a former serial killer who works for the Department of Mystic Affairs. They are the government agency run by Uncle Sam himself, in charge of protecting America from all supernatural threats. Their slogan is “When darkness falls, the DMA picks up the pieces”. Agent Karver has quite a history. He was once possessed by a demon who forced him to go on a killing rampage, until the DMA caught up to him. After exorcising the demon, they pretended to execute him, even allowing the families of his victims to witness his “death” so that they could have closure. They then spirited him away, gave him a new face courtesy of their resident fleshsmith (that’s a mage who can reshape the human body without surgical instruments), then inducted him into the DMA under a new name.
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