New York Anime Festival 2009: Part 1

Reported by Linda Yau
Photographs by Eric M. Chu and Linda Yau

This past weekend on September 25-27, was the third annual New York Anime Festival also abbreviated NYAF by regular con goers, and Twittter alike. As a tool of instant communication, Twitter was referred to countless times this weekend. With many of the conventions this past year that I have been able to attend, it has became the norm to see people possibly on their cell phones, tweeting if you must know. Now If you look on the right side column, you will see the Twitter widget that JLHLS has. For following any NYAF news, type in #nyaf, and many of twitter responses will pop up. Personally I was able to twitter some updates via text, but if you were willing to have money for the Wi-fi service at Jacob Javits, then many live blogging updates have reach fans and interested people. This is a report on what I was able to see and take back.
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