An Interview with Kumiko Ibaraki, Author of The Worry Free Kitchen

I can never claim to be a cook, however one of my favorite type of books to browse through are Asian cuisine cookbooks. Last year I was able to purchase The Worry Free Bakery, so this year I was quite happy to learn of Kumiko Ibaraki, the author was releasing a second translated cookbook of The Worry Free Kitchen. She was also in New York around the period of Book Expo, so I was able to get an interview with this Japanese author/dietician/teacher on Thursday with interpretation from Ioannis Mentzas, Vertical‘s Editorial Director. Here is a transcript of my interview with Ms. Ibaraki. Continue reading “An Interview with Kumiko Ibaraki, Author of The Worry Free Kitchen”

Book Expo 2011: Overview

Happy Memorial Weekend! It has been that time of the year again, and before I even get on my experience this year. I have to say this year felt slightly like New York Comic Con last year again. Why? Because this year Book Expo America (#BEA) shared the same physical location as Blog World & New Media Expo (#BWENY), so there were twice the amount of panels and exhibition to cover. Badges for BEA also covered for Blog World, so attendees went back and forth between the two shows. Not that Blog World detracts from the main focus of BEA though, which is spreading buzz and excitement for what books are. Continue reading “Book Expo 2011: Overview”

Book Expo America 2010 – Part 1

Reported and Photographs by Linda Yau

Book Expo America had some notable changes this year. One it was moved to mid-week. Two, the exhibition show was cut by a day. Three the method for counting attendance was changed in mentioning a number of professionals vs. exhibitioners. There were 21,919 verified professionals, excluding exhibitioners that were at the show. Registered number in attendance though was 27,211, and comparing this to last year’s 29,923. The smaller number was attributed to the shorten show days Next year the format of the show will be going back to three days instead of two days. Continue reading “Book Expo America 2010 – Part 1”