AM2 2011 Day 1 with Mayerson

So, holiday weekend traffic was very kind to me as I drove from LA to OC to pick up Tom Good

(as we were sitting down to lunch [I was starving])

at the Santa Ana airport and off we went to the Anaheim Convention center for Day 1 of the first annual AM2 (that’s AM Squared) Convention. Holiday weekend traffic was kind to us so we got there fairly quickly. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been in the John Wayne Airport. In that time, they’ve built a freeway ramp directly into and out of the airport, so it was much easier than I remembered it. I, of course, used the old way to get in (via MacArthur Blvd) and got lost, but then recovered. It’s a big airport; hard to miss it but I almost did.

Tom checked in and then we went of to get our press passes, which was easier than any other convention I’ve ever been to.
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