Book Review: Mortal Temptations

Mortal Temptations
By Allyson James
Published by: Berkley Trade
ISBN-13: 978-0425223697
MSRP: $15.00

Reviewed by Tissie

This review originally appeared at 3 Girl Group.

Patrica Lake’s world is turned upside down when she finds a winged, demi-god unconscious on the floor of her antique store. Her unexpected visitor is Nico, a powerful deity cursed by Hera to be a slave to female sexual desire. As punishment for chasing after one of Hera’s priestesses, he is sentenced to an eternity of heartbreak as he is used by one female after another and tossed aside along with his partner in crime and demi-god Andreas. Patrica, of course, holds the key to ending their enchantment…

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Josei Review: Object of Desire

Object of Desire
Story and art by Tomoko Noguchi
Published by Luv Luv Press, imprint of Aurora Publishing
ISBN-10:  1934496499
ISBN-13:  9781934496497

Review by Jilly Gee

Object of Desire is a collection of five, short love stories for ladies; six, if you count the two-chapter one as two. Five different, unrelated stories, five different leading ladies, three of which are a little ditzy. For the lucky ladies who weren’t ditzy, the guys turned out to be cheaters. Actually, all of them were cheaters with the except of one. I suppose the theme of this graphic novel should be “boyfriends who are jerks”.

Kako wants a guy to admit that he only wants to have sex with her instead of going through the motions of being her boyfriend and trying to hurry their dates along so they can go to a hotel. She finally meets that guy! They have sex, they actually have an amazing date, he tells her about his girlfriend…

Atsushi is constantly sleeping around with women other than Atsuko, she’s even caught him at it, and yet she still clings to him and obsessively texts him. The conclusion may have been sweet, but the premise of this story just doesn’t make any sense. She has threatened to break up with him if he cheats on her, and he actually tries to hide this cheating from her despite the fact that he thinks she is annoying and doesn’t want to be her boyfriend in the first place.

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Josei Review: Make More Love and Peace

Make More Love and Peace
Story and Art: Takane Yonetani
Published by the Luv Luv Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496529
ISBN-13: 978-1934496527

Review by Kris

The adventures in and out of the bedroom for Ayame and Koichi continue in Make More Love and Peace. This time around things are a bit more rocky from Ayame’s point of view. After catching a girl shoplifting at a grocery store Ayame invites the girl over for dinner (the girl claimed she hadn’t eaten for two days.) But a surprise is in store for Ayame. The girl, Nono, is just a common trouble making delinquent who had been taken in to the police while Koichi was working. Nono is just looking for attention and plays Ayame for a fool. Because Ayame is such a sweetheart she can’t refuse when Nono begs to tag along on Ayame and Koichi’s date. Nono plants seeds of doubt within Ayame that her kindness is just a front and that Ayame is just a fake.
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Book Review: One Last Dance

One Last Dance: It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love
Written by Mardo Williams with his daughters, Kay & Jerri
Published by Calliope Press
ISBN10: 0964924145
ISBN13: 9780964924147

Review by Linda Yau

Finding love is never an easy thing to do. But what happens if you are 89 and walk into a women, ten years your junior? Insults, broken cakes, and bruised self esteems were the impression that Morgan and Dixie was left with from their first meeting. However as the plot forms, eventually these two seniors started to date Morgan moves in with Dixie, and her elderly dog Jiggs. These two seniors attempt to settle into some domestic normalcy, with much protests from Morgan on his part of doing household chores. The past eventually catches up with Morgan though. Now then how would the two deal with Morgan’s estranged grandson? Continue reading “Book Review: One Last Dance”

Book Review: Seize The Night

Seize The Night
Written by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks Imprint of Macmillan
ISBN10: 0312992432
ISBN13: 9780312992439

Review by Linda Yau

In a world that reminds me of various vampire series, Seize The Night is book seven in Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. This book features Tabitha Deveraux, a human who lives in New Orleans and owns a sex shop. By night, she is a experienced hunter of vampires and Damions.
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