Industry News: Del Rey concludes, and Kodansha USA steps up to the plate.

Just days before New York Anime Festival, Deb Aoki writes of news that Del Rey of Random House is closing shop, and Kodansha USA, will be taking over, publishing their manga in English from their Japanese counterparts. Originally scheduled to have a panel at the upcoming NYAF, the panel is at this moment canceled and removed from the schedule.

This is the press release that was released:

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Manga Review: Amefurashi

Art and Story by Atsushi Suzumi
Translated and adapted by Elina Ishikawa
Published by Del Rey, imprint of Random House, Inc.
ISBN 10: 0-345-51248-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-345-51248-2
Review copy provided by publisher

Review by Linda Yau

The setting of this story is in a desert town, Gimmy is a teenage repair guy, and by mistake he loses his siblings as offerings to the local rain goddess. Sora, the goddess usually receives dolls as offerings, but follies occur. Gimmy messes up, but is determined to get his siblings back and that’s where the adventure begins. Continue reading “Manga Review: Amefurashi”

Manga Review: Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture vol 1

Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture vol 1
Story and Art by Masayuki Ishikawa
Translated by Stephen Paul
Published by Del Rey , imprint of Random House, Inc.
ISBN10: 0345514726
ISBN13: 9780345514721
Review copy provided by publisher

Review by Linda Yau

Imagine always having the ability to see micro-organisms with your naked eye. What would it be like? Would you embrace this ability, shun it, or would you learn to cope with it? That is how Tadayasu Sawaki lives his life. He stopped speaking about this unique ability, but learned to cope with it. Now the story begins with him starting as a freshman at an agricultural college with his friend Kei Yuki, and this is a story of their experiences. Continue reading “Manga Review: Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture vol 1”

Manga Review: Youkai Doctor vol 1

Youkai Doctor
Story and Art by Yuki Sato
Translated by Stephan Paul
Published by Del Rey , imprint of Random House, Inc.
ISBN10: 0345512383
ISBN13: 9780345512383

Review by Linda Yau

Kotoko Katsuga is the descendant of a long line of people who exorcises youkai or demons. However by the time she came about, she pretty much lost that power, and can only be aware of spiritual beings that no one else can see. Continue reading “Manga Review: Youkai Doctor vol 1”

Book review: Iron Man: Beneath the Armor

Iron Man: Beneath the Armor
By Andy Mangels
ISBN-10: 0345506154
ISBN-13: 978-0345506153
Published by DEL Rey

Review by Budd

Iron Man stormed into theaters in 2008 introducing him to a world that may have never known him otherwise. This history into Iron Man fills in the gaps and lets you know how the original story went down. This book is filled with interviews with a plethora of people who worked on Iron Man over the years.
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Graphic Novel/Book Review: Genshiken Official Book

Genshiken Official Book
Written by Kio Shimoku
Translated by Satsuki Yamashita
Published by Del Rey imprint of Ballantine
ISBN 10: 034550402x
ISBN 13: 9780345504029

Review by Linda Yau

As a fan of the animation series, and spin-off, I was actually quite very happy to have the opportunity to read and review this book. This is one of those Japanese guidebooks that actually got translated for the American public. My opinion in that this is a definite must have manga companion for fans of Genshiken, something to pair up with those nine volumes. Continue reading “Graphic Novel/Book Review: Genshiken Official Book”

Manga Review: Mao-chan Vol 1

Story by Ken Akamatsu
Art by Ran
Published by Del Rey Manga imprint of Ballantine
ISBN10: 0345501810
ISBN13: 9780345501813

Review by Linda Yau

Japan is under attack from aliens from the outer space, and only the force that could defend the earth is a team of three elementary graders. They are Mao, Misora, and Sylvia respectively representing the Ground, Air and Navy Army forces, following their grandfathers who are the general for each force. However their three grandfathers don’t often see eye to eye, so how will the three girls face approval to be united against the common evil? The common evils are aliens that are really cute critters, with the objective of stealing famous landmarks. Why through cuteness, friendship and when the situation seems very bleak of course.
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