New York Comic Con 2009

Reported by Jilly Gee and Linda Yau
Photographs by Eric M. Chu and Linda Yau

First day of NYCC

After a very cold week in New York City, the Jacob Javits Center was host to the fourth New York Comic Con. Similar to San Diego’s Comic Con, NYCC is the East Coast’s representation of this American tradition. NYCC welcomes all types of fans, so there was programming suitable for industry professionals, video gamers, science fiction lovers, fantasy enthusiasts, Japanese animation, cosplayers, and even children.

This was the Journal of Lincoln Height’s first time attending the NYCC, which is also a companion con to the New York Anime Festival. Continue reading “New York Comic Con 2009”

The National Communication Association Convention 2008

So, I went down to San Diego see Dr. Kelly S. Taylor, who was attending the National Communication Association Convention at the unfortunate Hyatt Hotel. Being communication experts, the NCA did issue a strongly worded explanation of why the convention was going forward at the Hyatt, mainly because the convention which was booked five years ago for this meeting and there were many excellent protests by communication experts at the hotel. Many of the meeting rooms were empty because as many panels as could be moved to other venues were moved to other venues. It’s really a shame the manager of that Hyatt, the swine, is such a hater because it’s a very nice hotel. So I was in there, but didn’t buy anything.

Well, onward.
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