Book Review: Batman Unauthorized

Batman Unauthorized: Vigilantes, Jokers, and Heroes in Gotham City
Edited by Dennis O’Neil with Leah Wilson
Published by Benbella Books, Inc.
ISBN10: 1933771305
ISBN13: 9781933771304

Review by Linda Yau

With the New York Comic Con approaching in several more weeks, I figure it would be a good time to review this book. Batman Unauthorized is a series of eighteen essays that explores various aspects of the franchise of Batman. Topics cover from the sidekicks, to location, to possibilities, to villians, and even the identity/health of Batman; hardly anything is left unturned in this book. I bet the various writers in this book had fun researching for this book.
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iPhone comics from iVerse Media

Review by Tom Good

Comics ought to be a great type of content to read on a hand-held computer, but I haven’t been really excited about comics on a hand-held device until now. iVerse Media has created a great reading experience on the iPhone with their iVerse Comic Reader. This app could be a case study on how to make digital comics work well on the small screen. Here is a list of my requirements, and how iVerse satisfied them:
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Comic Review: World of Warcraft: Ashbringer #1

World of Warcraft: Ashbringer #1
Written by Micky Neilson
Art by Ludo Lullabi and Tony Washington
Published by WildStorm

Review by Jilly Gee

The first of a four-part miniseries titled Ashbringer, this comic shows readers the life of Alexandros Mograine, starting from the time that he first picks up the object that would become part of the legendary Ashbringer sword.  Highlord Mograine worked with other humans and dwarves, trying to find a way to stop the Scourge and their plague from turning everyone into undead.  Not just a story about being all heroic and saving humankind, Highlord Mograine also has his faults, as a father who shows favortism, as a human who cannot separate the "not-as-bad" undead from the "really bad" undead and forces the same punishment on them all.
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Comic Review: Korgi: The Cosmic Collector

Korgi: The Cosmic Collector
Story and Art: Christian Slade
Published by Top Shelf Productions
ISBN-10: 1-60309-010-x
ISBN-13: 978-1-60309-010-0

Review by Kris

Korgi Hollow is the home for many magical creatures, namely Mollies and Korgis. Mollies are fairy-like creatures and they work with magical Korgis. Korgis are like Welsh Corgis (you know the dogs that the Queen of England raises) that are able to breathe fire. Things are peaceful in Korgi Hollow, until a strange creature starts collecting Mollie wings. Ivy and her Korgi cub Sprout decide to investigate.

While Ivy and Sprout are out investigating we meet out wing collector, and he not of this world. Black 7, the outer space visitor, has his eyes set on Ivy and her wings. Once he has her wings he takes off back home to proudly display his treasure. Thanks to the help from Lump and Scarlett, Ivy and Sprout were able to find Black 7’s makeshift home. It is filled to the brim with Mollie wings and robot toys. Will Ivy and Sprout be able to get her wings back?
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Comic Review: Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World

Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World
Story and Art: James Kochalka
Published by Top Shelf Productions
ISBN-10: 1-60309-013-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-60309-013-1

Review by Kris

Johnny Boo is not only the best little ghost in the world, but he’s also the cutest. In Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World he and his pet Squiggle have some pretty crazy adventures. They meet an ice cream monster and Johnny Boo has to save Squiggle because the ice cream monster accidentally ate Squiggle along with the ice cream. I guess that’ll happen when you get a little excited when someone opens up a vat of your favorite food. Thanks to Johnny’s special “Boo” power he is able to save the day!
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