Kindle book review: Flesh and Grass

Flesh and Grass
by Libby Cone
Available for the Kindle
Pdf copy provided by the author

Review by Lynn Loper

I was born in Delaware, and I’ve never lived anywhere else, but that doesn’t influence my opinion of Flesh and Grass. Until I read the book I had never heard of the settlement at the Hoornkill, and had no idea of the conflicts between the Dutch and Swedes and British and Marylanders and, finally, William Penn, over that area. It’s not loyalty to Delaware that made me like it so much.

This is an exciting story, full of human characters and people brought out of history books as living beings. I’m going to be doing more reading about Cornelis Plockhoy, and what happened in what we now call Lewes.

I especially liked the author’s use of other senses, smell and touch and taste, to describe not only how the main character interacts with the world, but to describe the other characters. I’ve seen sea grass in Lewes; now I can smell it, with an overlay of nutmeg and cinnamon. And I have to find out more about knitting stockings. This left me with a list of things to find out about, which is my criterion for a good story. This is a good story.