Comic Con 2012: Mary Bellamy

Mary Bellamy
Zorillita comics

Mary has a new volume of “Faux Facts” volume four. Mary was busy with conventions last year, especially on Womanthology panels and discussions. She’s very pleased with the way Womanthology came out. She spent much of last year refining her comics techniques. This is her fourth Comic Con and although she’s happy to do the con, she’d rather it go back to being more comics focused.

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Comic Con 2012: Josh Shalak

Josh Shalak
Falling Rock National Park

Josh makes wonderful comics that use nubby “chipboard” covers that look totally great. He started drawing comics in his fourth grade math class because he liked drawing more than math. He did a strip in high school, another one in high school, and now he does “Falling Rock National Park,” which is syndicated in college newspapers and it’s also online. Josh has taken drawing classes but he studied English and Japanese History at Oberlin College. Continue reading “Comic Con 2012: Josh Shalak”