Otakon 2017 – T.M.Revolution Q&A panel

The panel had a no photo policy which I felt was more of a Anisong management restriction rather then one from the T.M.Revolution management. I say that since the past panels with Nishikawa-san’s appearances, photos were always allowed as noted from my previous coverage of the artist. However, I do respect their decision and didn’t inquire further. The panel opened with the chants of “TMR! TMR! TMR!” as the man of the hour, Nishikawa Takanori-san came on stage. The panel opened immediately to questions by the fans.

    Q: What was the concert like from when you started to the present?
    Nishikawa: I was really grateful that American fans came to see me. The first time I felt that was during the 2003 live at Otakon. It was my first concert outside of Japan. Thanks to that, I started having concerts in a lot of places. I’m really happy that people appreciate the language. It’s a minor language and I’m grateful to be able to perform in that language. As long as people keep on supporting me, I will keep on making more and more music.

    Q: Any future plans for more plans in ths US?
    B>Fans: Tours!
    Nishikawa: *in English* I want to! *in Japanese* Since I met with everyone like this, I really do hope to have the opportunity.

The next fan was from China, encouraging Nishikawa-san to go to China since he did an Asia tour to Singapore and Taiwan before. The one after that addressed him as Mr. T.M.Revolution, noting that he was first J-pop artist he listened to from Rurouni Kenshin. “I went to Kyoto two years ago. I went to Hachidai jinja to honor Musashi Miyamoto. I had my book, Go Rin no Sho stamped and autographed and walked out into the sunset to ‘Heart and Sword’.” *audience applause*

    Q: Who chooses your outfits for your performances?
    Nishikiawa: *in English* I designed them.
    Host: But it is a team effort.

    Q: I was at the 2013 concert with Home Made Kazoku. It was my first concert. Thank you for giving us an awesome concert that time. Would you like to come to NY to perform?
    Nishikawa: I hope to go as soon as possible. As long as you want it to happen.

    Q: Thank you for putting your songs on itunes. I love RAIMEI and Thunderbolt Fantasy. Can you talk about how that happened?
    Nishikawa: You know about Thunderbolt Fantasy? We just started a new project. It will be between the first and second season. It’s going to be the same RAIMEI but it will be sung in Chinese. We’re in the process of getting into the second season so please look forward to it!

    Q: Much like how you were in Gundam Seed, what are the chances of you being in Sengoku Basara 5?
    Nishikawa: *in English* Very secret. Next year…animation project. Maybe.

    Q: Out of the songs that you sing, which is your favorite?
    Nishikawa: *in English* That is so difficult! Which is your favorite?
    Fan: FLAGS.
    Nishikiawa: Then now, it’s FLAGS.

    Q: What is your best and worse experiences growing up?
    Nishikawa: Being able to meet fans in the US is very special to me. Worst? Time that I can’t see you.

    Q: I love all the pop music that you as well as the rock music. What inspired you to put together Abingdon Boys School? Why do you love playing that music so much?
    Nishikawa: Part of me starting in music was being part of a band so I wanted to recreate that experience. I played hard rock and heavy metal. For being to perform those kind of music, I get different energies which is why I like to keep expanding my repertoire. *in English* Which song do you like?
    Fan: I like the song from the anime, Darker then Black and Sengoku Basara.
    Nishikiawa: Howling.

    Q: I am from Florida. When I found out that you shot your music video there, I was so happy since it was in my hometown. What motivates you to keep singing?
    Nishikawa: I get a lot of energy by people listening to my songs. The visuals of people enjoying the concert last night was a great source of inspiration to me. When I started performing, I really got a lot of inspiration from US artists. So be able to perform in a place where I initially got all that inspiration is a really great experience for me. *in English* Thank you very much!

    Q: You are an ambassador for your prefecture. Can you please talk about how you use music to bring people to your prefecture as well as about the Inazuma Rock Festival.
    Nishikawa: Next month there is the festival that I’m producing. I would really like it if you were able to come. I know it’s so far away! I feel like you’re close to me like in a family type of way. I like to bring energy to my hometown and revitalize my hometown through music. I want to bring that energy to them.

    Q: Do you watch anime and do you have a favorite?
    Nishikawa: *in English* I love so may types! I like Ghost in the Shell and Gundam series. *in Japanese* I feel like I’m going to be involved with many projects and each project is dear to me. Starting next January, I will be involved in another series so please on the look out for that!

    Q: *in Japanese* How was it like working with the Gundam series?
    Nishikawa: First off, I love the Gundam series. The director of Gundam Seed was a fan of mine. My love Gundam and my sympathy of Gundam really fed into making that successful collaboration.

    Q: I’ve seen you in 2003, 2013 and now. Like wine, you get better with time. What do you do to keep up your health and appearance?
    Nishikawa: It’s the energy from the fans.
    Host: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups….

    Q: About collaborations….
    Nishikawa: Who do you like to see more collaborations with?
    Fan: Nana Mizuki.
    Nishikawa: I would love to do a collaboration concert with those I’ve worked with.

    Q: Thank you last night’s concert, especially with the last song with Jam Project. You’re a big fan of music and Love Live, as from the Kohaku Uta Gassen performance. Did you attend their concert?
    Nishikawa: They are friends of mine so I respect them. I actually met them during the anisong over the summer. Their songs are powerful and each person has their own style to them.
    Fan: Just want to say, you have a perfect body! *audience cheers*

    Q: Jam Project and TM.Revolution collaboration album would be a dream come true.
    Nishikawa: I’m a really happy to have done a collaboration with such a wonderful group. If I get the chance, I would love to perform a concert with them in the US again.

    Q: *in Japanese* I hear that you’ll be acting in a play next year. Can we hear about that? If not, how can we beautiful legs like yours?
    Nishikawa: Actually, I’m going to be involved in a really big musical project. I have been involved in a lot of musical projects. I am a musician by trade, but I’m happy to be recognized as an actor as well. I really want to continue to working as a musician and meet you but I also want to continue working as an actor as well.

    Q: Saw you in 2008 at NYCC. You have many costumes, have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
    Nishikawa: Ummmmm……Lots of different things have fallen off. But I’m going to take it off anyway!

    Q: What is the inspiration for mixing the different Invoke? I like how the song opens with a feeling like ballad.
    Nishikawa: Of course I try to maintain the original inspiration for the song. One of the most important part of my process is to see how the vibe the goes when I perform the songs for people. Invoke as a song is the rebirth of Gundam as a series. Whenever I work on the song for an anime, it would tie into the story and plot.

The next fan requested Nishikawa-san to say ‘Nico Nico Nii!’, a common catch phrase for Yazawa Nico from Love Live. Nishikawa noted that he is over 40 years old and refused initially. Then with a smile, he spoke quickly, ‘Nico nico nii!’ to the applause of the crowd.

    Q: It’s an honor to meet you at my first Otakon. You look like you’re 21. One of your favorite series is Gundam, what is your favorite mobile suit?
    Nishikawa: Recently, there is the series Gundam Unicorn. The reason I love Unicorn is that the series represents the Gundam world very well. What is your favorite?
    Fan: Wing Zero Custom from Endless Waltz.
    Nishikiawa: *in English* I have 5 mobile suits!

    Q: Before you were on the anime B Project. How did you decide to insert yourself into the show?
    Nishikawa: It was the first anime that I ever produced. I thought it would be a very good to be drawn to the project and be part of it. Japan released the app game. Up until very recently, we’re doing the musical. I really want to keep being involved so people in the US can enjoy the anime and the game.

    Q: Are you planning to continue working in anime since you’re an ambassador?
    Nishikawa: Right now we’re working with alot of things surrounding B Project. But next year I will be involved in different franchises and series, providing different songs.

    Q: Will you do more collaborations? My favorite is Preserved Roses. Will you perform that again?
    Nishikawa: I really like to take the inspiration and experience that I got here and bring it back to Japan and share with the other artists in Japan. Bring that energy to them.

    Q: You did alot of collaborations. Where there any you would want to do?
    Nishikawa: I want to do collaborations with artists not from Japan as well. If you know of any that are interested in me, please introduce them!

    Q: What is the feeling and energy you get when you are performing on stage?
    Nishikawa: It really makes me happy when I become one with everyone when I perform. It makes me happy when I see how happy you are. It really is an important to me take time to meet with you. I really hope that I can get that energy from different countries and regions. I hope you will come and see me again.

    Q: What are some of your inspirations when you started playing music?
    Nishikawa: Rather then Japanese artists, I listened to alot of the artists from the US. It was a dream come true to come to the US.

The fan asked who were the top three he wanted to collaborate with in the US which got Nishikawa-san making faces as he thought hard. When he turned the questions to the fans, there were many calls of different artists which surprised and and made him laugh.

The host explained that it was time to end the panel, but first, the host allowed Nishikawa to do the thing he wanted the fans to do…..”TMR! TMR! TMR!”

    Nshikawa: Thank you! I’m so glad! I’m so happy to come back to Otakon. It was a wonderful experience. *in English* I’ll be back again, thank you!