Katsucon 2017 – Masquerade

The highlight of the weekend has to be the masquerade and it was the performances themselves were amazing. The level of creativity is always high at this convention and this year was no different. Some highlights of the acts are shown below.

This blast of the past, ‘Beetlejuice’ cosplay duo complete with a change of outfit on stage and a proposal. Despite seeing a proposal every year at the con, the action still hasn’t lost it’s sweetness. Much joy to the couple!

A favorite has to ‘Dance Like you Want to Win’ from Evangelion. Definitely a favorite from the audience as well. The recreation of the scenes from the show was done very well. Awesome stage ninjas!

The Best in Show was one we saw a bit of last year. The same Ghibli cosplay group came onstage again with an even more beautiful story to tell with stage props and actions. The info behind it was that the group was going to tell this story last year, but wasn’t able to do so. Still, to be able to see both renditions is truly an experience. Love them both. youtube link of the performance

While we were waiting for the masquerade judges, the cosplayers came up for photos. They did some meme poses like dabbing… XD Go Russia!