Otakon 2016 – part of the masquerade and Michi’s concert

Arrived during skit 12 and though we only saw a bit of the performances, those we saw were very good. The host was the same and aside from his usual jokes, he also posted questions and comments from twitter on the screen which were hilarious.

Special mention to the sign language interpreters!

(The Celestial Queen of the Stars, Rosalina, Super Smash Brothers)

(A Princess’ Dream and Her New Fairy, Cinderella, Peter Pan) An interesting twist to a common tale.

(Azura’s Dance, Fire Emblem) A beautiful performance by SGM Umbreon.

(The Hero of Time… LINK!! Live from Otakon!!!, Zelda) It’s not easy to play an ocarina, and everytime I hear it live, it’s a fan favorite.

(Bug-Off, Miraculous) A humor comedy duo Ladybug and Cat Noir has become.

(Shantae on Zombie Island) If I remember correctly, he also performed last year. His belly dancing is awesome!

(Youth’s Discourse on Bloodlust by Sorbet Parade Cosplay, Assassination Classroom) My favorite entry to the evening. It had twirling flags, a story and awesome fighting.

(No Brand Girls!, Love Live!) No masquerade is complete without the entire group of nyu’s on stage dancing. Great choreography!

Michi came on after the performances. I was seated near the front but before she came on, I moved to the very front to join the press. Thankfully, they let me sit in an empty seat.

She came onstage and started immediately with ‘Cry for the Truth’, the opening to Rokka no Yuusha. Her deep powerful voice got everyone pumped up. Punching the air, the audience followed suit and cheered her on. “Thank you!” It was a great number to start on.

    Michi: *in English* Hello, everyone! I’m Michi, nice to meet you! Thanks for coming to see me today at Otakon. *switching to Japanese* Let’s have fun! *switching back to English* Next song is ‘Secret Sky’ from Rokka.

The ending song to the series is slower then the higher paced opening. Same as the opening, clips of the anime was shown on the screen. ‘Secret Sky’ gave Michi a chance to show off her range with higher notes. The slower dance also gave us a chance to see her outfit which is from the ‘Realistic’ PV. Partial kimono, partial armor fabric in a beautiful red with asymmetrical sleeves and a short skirt.

She immediately jumped into the rock beat of ‘Sosho Innocence’, the opening to Akuma no Riddle which was a total surprise since it wasn’t one of her songs. She later shared that it was by Uchida Maya who is also part of the same agency. Hearing the song in alto voice was a amazing and everyone was dancing along.

    Michi: Thank you, everybody! You’re awesome! That was a cover of ‘Sosho Innocence’ by Maya. She is someone I *switches to Japanese* really admire.

Michi gauged the audience in Japanese. “Are you excited?” Then she introduced the next song from Kuromukuro. The song is powerful, to hear it live is really a different a treat. Though she didn’t sing that many songs, each has a different style to reflect the series. However, for her to capture of the feel of each series with simply her voice is amazing. Not to mention, for a solo singer on stage, she captured our attention quickly.

For ‘Checkmate’, she asked for everyone to stand up and swung a towel around to get us clapping for the chorus. High energy, she left us wanting more.

    Cry for the Truth (Rokka no Yuusha OP)
    Secret Sky (Rokka no Yuusha ED)
    Sosho Innocence (Akuma no Riddle OP)
    Realistic (Kuromukuro ED)
    Checkmate!? (Dagashi Kashi OP)

The host thanked Michi for her performance before she left the stage.