AnimeNEXT 2016 – Masquerade and WCS USA Finals

Since the masquerade and the autograph signing was at the same time, I was late in heading to the Main Events hall. It started a bit late since when I arrived, they were only on the 6th performance. This masquerade is special since aside from the usual main performances, it also housed the World Cosplay Summit US finals where Team USA will be chosen to compete in Japan this year. Go Team USA!

Uncle Yo was the MC and he was hilarious as usual with the sound system playing with him, changing his voice to suit the cues. He had several comedic spiels which I always enjoy. I’m always amazed that he can recite right off the bat. Definitely a professional.

The entire masquerade can be found on The Fan’s POV youtube. Timestamps of the performances mentioned will refer to the video.

Not pictured, but special mention goes to the only entry in the novice division…. (Pokemon timestamp 5:44)

A fun mix of basketball and Super Smash characters on stage. The idea to pass an actual ball around was awesome. Dancing with balls is not easy! Received 2 Judge’s Awards and a Craftsmanship award (Adaptation of existing garments.) (‘Smash Jam’ Super Smash Bros timestamp 21:20)

I’m not sure where this is from, but the dancing is superb and the cosplay is awesome. (timestamp 24:26)

A simple yet pretty Princess Kakyuu. (Galaxia’s laugh at the end was a nice touch.) (‘Light of Hope’ Sailor Moon timestamp 26:15)

Awesome walkon of an awesome cosplay. Judge’s Award and Best Novice Craftsmanship. (‘Assasin’s Templar’ Assassin’s Creed timestamp 27:24)

It’s so sweet, simple and beautiful. The cosplay is definitely not simple though…but brings out the beauty that is Ponyo’s mother. A fav. Craftsmanship award (adaptation via sewing), a free badge to Costume Con 2017 along with a Brother sewing machine (which is perfect since her machine broke.) Won Best Overall Performance. (Ponyo timestamp 29:00)

A different kind of dance skit…en pointe.(‘Pearl’ Steven Universe timestamp 30:42)

Beautiful Princess Luna cosplay. (My Little Pony timestamp 32:34)

A trading card dress…the wings are the most impressive. (‘The Card Goddess’ Pokemon timestamp 34:30)

They can’t catch pikachu, but they can dance. Awesome props and usage of the stage. MC Award and Spirit Award. The Spirit award comes with a pineapple drink container along with other awesome prizes. (‘20 Years of Trouble’ Pokemon timestamp 35:40) Uncle Yo took the blueprints and started studying it…definitely alot of detail in this skit. ‘Grabbers for grabbing!’ So cool!

So beautiful. A personal fav of two different universes and great use of effects. Best Overall Craftsmanship, free membership to Costume Con 2017 and won two Brother sewing machines. (‘Mirror of Hope’ Cardcaptors Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicles timestamp 41:08)

Awesome solo throwing cards and twirling performance. (‘The Ragin’ Cajun’ X-Men timestamp 44:00)

Beautiful Doll cosplay. Only 13 years old? Wow…they get younger each year… So in character as she walks on the tightrope across the stage…. Judge’s Award and Best Youth Participant. (Kuroshitsuji timestamp 46:40)

Timestamp: 48:48. Hallcosplay came on next to the cheers of the crowd.

They presented the Hallcosplay awards of the weekend.

The main portion of the performance was short since the second half of the show was mainly the WCS finals. Finally at Atlantic City, Anime Next being the main location for the WCS is not as strange anymore since it’s a bustling city rather then a little town. Still, the performances were pretty good and I enjoyed it.

Beautiful rendition of the story. (Guava Drunk Kero Princess Tutu)The Fan’s POV Cosplay feature

These cosplays are beyond amazing. The level of detail is shown even on the dimly lit stage. Though the props are simple, it does not take away from the beauty. I wish that the lights didn’t flash. Though it was for affect, I don’t think it helped with taking pics. There are lights on the outfits! The Fan’s POV Cosplay feature (Dokucosa Saga Frontier)

Without words, the story can be told easily. I love the balcony on the stage. It was unfortunate that there was a bit of wardrobe malfunction on Romeo’s side. However, the audience was very supportive and cheered when they were able to continue. The Fan’s POV Cosplay feature 3rd place winner with $75 for Arda Wigs and $25 cash prize. (Blurry Roots RomeoxJuliet)

The cosplays and props are amazing…and the staff lights up as well! I love the detail given to the cosplays and the stage prop….is uncannily realistic. The Fan’s POV Cosplay feature 2nd place winner with $150 for Arda Wigs and $25 cash prize. (GIRL Legend Avalon Code)

The detail on the props is amazing. There are different stages in which she needs to go through and fight. Although we don’t see it, the green one lights up too. (Bravely Default)

Interesting use of…tape for the prop. The cosplay is awesome and I really love the cosplay change. Fits very well for the chaos that is Vocaloid. (Excalibur Studios Project Diva)

My fav for the WCS since it told the story well and had beautiful cosplays. A simple story told without words but gets the pain across is not easy. (Kaleidoscope Cosplay Pandora Hearts)

Amazing set pieces unveil themselves which is part of the performance. The cosplay reveals are also pretty amazing and the performance is intense. Team USA! (Life Cry Cosplay Fate/Stay Night)

The masquerade judges came onstage to present their awards followed by the WCS judge presentations. The masquerade Coordinator also gave out some awards. The Coordinator award includes a bag of awesome stuff including LUSH products. It was given to ‘How to be a Princess’ which also received 2 Judge’s Awards. ‘A Calm After the Storm’ won a Judge’s award and Best in Show. The WCS judges are 2013 Team USA Cupcake cosplay and to present the award was 2015 Team USA.