Katsucon 2016 – Funimation Panel

A special video of their online streaming catalogue was shown with a variety of series including fan favorite Dragon Ball. The streaming service plans include a sub-pass which gives subscribers to all subtitled content for $4.99 including simulataneous. The All Access pass gives fans access to everything on the site including special convention-only events and subscriber forums as well as contests. The 14 day trial expanded to 30 days for a limited amount of time. The service is available on many devices and there will be a mobile app for the ios and android. Rojas added that there the service is on the PS3 and PS4 as well as Xbox One and 360. McKinney adds that new apps are on the way.

There will be 16 new shows for the Winter season with 10 of the shows having broadcast dubs. The winter shows include Assassination Classroom, Dimension W, Prince of Stride aka. ‘free running’ (cute guys jumping over things), Rainbow Days, Fairy Tail Zero, Erased and more.

The simulcast releases include those continuing from the previous season. Rojas pointed that there that is over 70 shows in a span of one year. The Winter lineup reel was shown.

Rojas turned the panel to broadcast dubs which they started doing with Psycho Pass. Rojas explained that broadcast dubs are dubs of the tv releases in comparison to the usual dubs which are dubs of the home video releases with the final edits. He warns that dubs could potentially be changed when the materials for the home video releases are out. McKinney continued explaining that after 4-6 weeks after the simulcast on the website, they will release the dubbed series which reaches a wider audience.

The winter season broadcast dub include Dimension W, Divine Gate, Assassination Classroom season 2, Fairy Tail Zero and more.

Rojas and others talk about the series releases on Dubbletalk, a video live show released on wednesdays 9:30/8:30 Eastern Video clips of the show was shown which boasted segments of discussions amongst the hosts and reaction to series. Contests are also held on the show where viewers can win prizes. The clip they aired was a Attack on Titan titan cookie jar to fans who hashtag or e-mail their favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie. Rojas shared that the current question of the week was what was their favorite Japanese snack. Older shows are viewable on the youtube channel.

The dub clip of Snow White with the Red Hair season 2 was shown every monday at 11am. Aside from the Funimation streaming channel, it is also available on Google Plus, Netflix, Hulu.

Since it’s Anime Month on Microsoft Movies and Tv with the Xbox , Dubbletalk will be hosting Anime Month with special rewards for shows bought on the service. A clip of the Dubbletalk Anime Month intro was shown along with a video reel of a variety of the series.

Since it was saturday, Toonami will be on Cartoon Network. New to the Toonami block will be Samurai Champloo. A clip from the series was shown.

Time for home video releases! Rojas first thanked fans for supporting the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie showing in theaters last year. Now the movie is available on BD and DVD and a special collector’s edition with art cards, BD/DVD and a box with a slipcover. The trailer was shown with clips of the movie along with event cuts.

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 is also available now uncut and uncensored which is bloodier than the broadcast release. The slipcover of the special boxset has an unmasked version along with a tapestry as well as the art cards and journal. The trailer was epic, bloody and dramatic.

A couple of quick releases and trailers were shown starting wtih Fairy Tail part 18 accompanied with the Danganronpa which includes the unaired 13th episode and then Buddy Complex by Sunrise studios. Subtitle only release in a BD/DVD combo pack.

The trailer for Dragonar Academy was not allowed to be shown at this time, but it is available on youtube as Rojas quipped quickly. The BD/DVD combo release includes a tentacle filled covered which can also be changed.

Something different, Noein, a series which was shown on the Syfy channel in 2005. A license rescue, it was initially released on dvd only and is available now in BD/DVD combo pack with art cards. The dub trailer was shown.

For collectors, Rojas and McKinney detailed some of the limited releases that are slowly disappearing including the original series for Fullmetal Alchemist with the 300 page artbook in a the leather case. Black Lagoon season 1 and 2 on BD which was sold out at the booth but still available online.

Rojas wanted to talk about a ‘short, unknown’ series, One Piece season 7 voyage 5 which is available now. McKinney told a story about a panel they did in Canada where a fan shared that if anyone wanted to, they could watch One Piece 18 hours a day for 5 weeks straight and they could catch up to the series. The fan was adamant about it adding that they would need to skip the OPs and EDs. Voyage 5 which is episodes 434 to 445. The trailer was shown.

By the director of Cowboy Bebop, Terror in Resonance is a very intellectual show. The series has a limited edition release with art cards in a chipboard box with extra features. Music is by Yoko Kanno which we could hear a bit from in the trailer.

A release fans have been waiting for some time, Evangelion 3.33 is finally out (since 2/2/16). McKinney noted that it was the best seller of the weekend. The trailer for the long awaited series was shown. Twisted, powerful and quiet. First press of the BD inclues a 50 page artbook.

Free! Eternal Summer is avilable at the booth with a gift with purchase, which includes an alternate dvd wrap cover and a poster of them in swim suits. Rojas promised that those who worked on the series are fans of the series and put a lot of their love into the series. The dub trailer of the series looks fantastic! The trailer closed with Makoto quipping, “Guys, we’re jumping to conclusions. They’re probably just friends.” *audience laughs*

Lord Marksman and Vanadis and No-Rin also available at the booth. No-Rin is about a guy who grows vegetables for this idol. Weird plot aside, the series takes place at a agricultural highschool and it’s hilarious.

Same as Vertical, Rojas described the next release as ‘X-men the anime…but not the anime’ for Tokyo ESP. Rojas pointed out that the main character is voiced by a new voice actor and youtube famous, Adam Dahlberg aka. SkyDoesMinecraft.

Theatrical news! By Director Mamoru Hosoda, The Boy and the Beast will be in theaters on 3/4/16. An orphan boy tries to be an apprentice fighters to this beast he encounters. The theatrical trailer was shown. A limited showing event, Psycho Pass movie will be shown on 3/15 and 3/16.

The cast announcement for Dagashi Kashi is:

    Kokonotsu Shikada – Todd Haberkorn
    Hotaru Shidare – Tabitha Ray
    Yo Shikada – Jeremy Inman
    Saya Endo – Sara Ragsdale
    To Endo – Justin Pate

    ADR Director – Kyle Philips
    ADR Engineers – Jeremy Woods, Domonique French
    Lead Writer – Jamie Marchi

For Assassination Classroom season 2…Rojas asked fans to check out the Funimation blog for the announcement. For Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash:

    Haruhiro – Ricco Fajardo
    Manato – Justin Briner
    Yume – Jeannie Tirado
    Shihoru – Sarah Wiedenheft
    Moguzo – Jarod Greene
    Ranta – Orion Pitts

    ADR Directors – Micke McFarland, Felecia Angelle
    ADR Enginees – Peter Hawkinson, Manuel Aragon
    Lead Writer – Bonny Clinkenbeard

Prince of Stride cast announcement has a mix of new and old voice actors:

    Nana Sakurai – Natalie Hoover
    Riku Yagami – Austin Tindle
    Takeru Fujiwara – Ricco Fajardo
    Heath Hasekura – Jason Liebrecht
    Hozumi Kohinata – Clifford Chapin
    Ayumu Kadowaki – Micah Solusod
    Mr. Dan – J. Michael Tatum
    Kyousuke Kuga – Ivan Jasso
    Tomoe Yagami – Tood Haberkorn
    Reiji Suwa – Justin Briner

    ADR Director – Caitlin Glass
    ADR Engineer – Domonique French, Matt Grounds
    Lead Writer – Monica Rial

Announced the day before, Divine Gate cast include:

    Akane – Joel McDonald
    Aoto – Chris Burnett
    Midori – Alexis Tipton
    Arthur – J. Michael Tatum
    Ariton – Clifford Chapin
    K – Mikaela Krantz

    ADR Director – Clifford Chapin
    ADR Engineer – Nagaris Johnson, Domonique French, Jeremy Woods
    Lead Writer – Monica Rial

Dimension W cast annoucement:

    Kyoma – Christopher R. Sabat
    Albert – Eric Vale
    Mira – Jad Saxton
    Loser – J. Michael Tatum
    Mary – Stephanie Young
    Koorogi – Josh Grelle
    Shido – Jeremy Schwartz

    ADR Director – Zach Bolton, Colleen Clinkenbeard
    ADR Engineer – Brandon Peters
    Script: Bonny Clinkenbeard

The series will also be shown on Toonami starting 2/27 at 12:30am and will stream 2 weeks after airing on Toonami. The subtitle version is on Funimation streaming and a production diary for behind the scenes videos will be available biweekly. Aside from licensing, Funimation is on the board and part of the production committee in Japan. The Japanese trailer was shown of the series.

BD/DVD combo pack available on 4/26/16, Rage of the Bahamut Genesis brand new cast announcement:

    Kaisar Lidfard – Chris Rager
    Favaro Leone – Ian Sinclair
    Amira – Tia Ballard
    Cereberus – Leah Clark
    Lavalley – Tyson Rinehart
    Bacchus – Brain Mathis
    Martinet – Christopher R. Sabat
    Azazel – Kent Williams
    Jeanne D’Arc – Jad Saxton
    Rita – Apphia Yu
    Beelzebub – Vic Mignogna
    Hamsa – Kyle Philips
    Charioce XIII – Barry Yandell

    ADR Director – Sonny Strait
    ADR Engineer – Patrick Morphy
    Head Writer – John Burgmier
    Script Writer – Jared Hedges

Available on 4/19/16 in BD/DVD combo pack, Black Butler: Book of Circus with a fold out digi pack. The old and new cast of characters include:

    Sebastian – J. Michael Tatum
    Ciel – Brina Palencia
    Joker – Matthew Mercer
    Beast – Tia Ballard
    Doll – Mikaela Krantz
    Dagger – Michael Sinterniklaas
    Snake – Spike Spencer
    Peter – Vic Mignogna
    Wendy – Rachel Robinson
    Jumbo – Chistopher R. Sabat
    Doc – Alex Organ

    ADR Director – Ian Sinclair
    ADR Engineer – Donald Shults

The new dubbed trailer was shown. Available on 5/17/16 on BD/DVD combo is Black Butler: Book of Murder.

    Arthur – Taliesin Axelrod
    Charles Grey – Clifford Chapin
    Charles Phips – Brandon Potter
    Grimsby Keane – Aaron Roberts
    Carl Woodley – David Wald
    Irene Diaz – Jamie Marchi
    Gerog Von Siemens – Tyson Rinehart
    Patrick Phelps – Brandon McInnis

A Funimation Lounge is at the convention which is alot like a Funimation panel all the time. Showing Funimation shows, giveaways and even visits from guests. Rojas ran through other panel events. The floor opened for questions.

    Q: Will the Funimation subscription plans change?
    A: Right now we don’t know for sure but please check the website.

    Q: Are there any plans for the WiiU apps?
    A: Yes, there are plans for the WiiU app.

    Q: Any news on new Dragon Ball Super shows being dubbed?
    A: Aside from what was announced, there are no other announcements.

    Q: What is the most recent Lupin III license?
    A: Fujiko Mine.