NYCC 2015 – Boruto: Naruto the Movie

The MC noted that the guests will only appear if the audience was hyped up. There was no need to hype up the audience even more when merely saying their names threw the fans into a frenzy. With the announcement of Takeuchi Junko and Kishimoto Masahi-sensei to the stage, everyone stood up and applauded.

    Kishimoto: *in English* Thank you. I’m Masahi Kishimoto. *in Japanese* Thank you for having me here today.
    Takeuchi: *in English* *as Naruto* Good morning, everyone! My name is Naruto Uzumaki dattebayo!

The stage opened with questions from the MC to the guests.

    Q: How has your time in New York been so far? Have you seen anything cool?
    Kishimoto: I have been having alot of fun so far. Actually, the first thing I saw was a Yankee’s game. *audience cheers* And the Yankee fans were wow! But you know what is even more amazing? I’m actually here in New York with Takeuchi-san!*audience cheers*
    Takeuchi: First, it’s great that I could celebrate Naruto’s birthday with everyone here today. Of course, being here with Kishimoto-sensei is awesome as well.

    Q: What do you think of your beloved characters continuing on this new chapter in their lives?
    Kishimoto: When I was at the conclusion of the series, I thought this was it for Naruto. And the story about Boruto the Movie came out and it was great since I get to put into the movie what I couldn’t draw as a manga. I hope you’re all looking forward to it. *audience cheers*

    Q: What do you think of your character, Naruto, going on this new chapter of hi life?
    Takeuchi: I’m very happy, but please don’t grow any older. *audience laughs*
    MC: I think we can agree that Naruto is forever young at heart.
    Takeuchi: Thank you!

    Q: What was the experience like for you debuting as Executive Producer of this movie?
    Kishimoto: Actually, it’s not like I have never been involved in the other Naruto movies before. It wasn’t that big of a role that I played. But this time, I got to work on the screen play from beginning to end, the entire thing so it was alot of hard work. I didn’t have to draw the art so in some ways, it was easier then working on the manga. I work on my manga with my assistants but it takes more people to work on a movie. It taught me the importance of teamwork in a larger group. Now, the only thing to complete this teamwork is all of you. *audience cheers*
    MC: Are you guys up to the challenge?
    Fans: *cheers*

    Q: What was it like playing a father figure to the new character, Boruto, your son?
    Takeuchi: Since I’m a girl, I don’t know how it feels to be a father. I think Naruto’s feelings this time represents Kishimoto-sensei’s feelings as well. I believe to try my best for Kishimoto-sensei. *turns to sensei* Sensei, how was I?
    Kishimoto: Perfect!
    Takeuchi: Thank you!

    Q: Are there any interesting parts of the movie you’d like the fans to look for? Did you have a favorite part, personally?
    Kishimoto: One scene that I really want you pay particularly close attention to is the scene where Boruto and Naruto are having a conversation in Boruto’s room.
    Takeuchi: For me, my favorite part is when Naruto and Sasuke are fighting friendly together. *audience applauds*
    MC: Favorite scene that resonates in your heart?
    Kishimoto: For me, I guess it’s the scene when Boruto and Sasuke are having a conversation in the Hokage’s office.
    Takeuchi: My favorite is the new three man cell of Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki.

    Q: Do you have any other message you’d like to share with the fans gathered here today for the screening?
    Kishimoto: After hearing that many of you waited many hours to get in this morning to watch this film, I’m worried about you all. Weren’t any of you cold? Please take care of yourselves and don’t get sick! I know alot of you are tired and sleepy, but I hope you can stay awake until the end of the movie. It’s alot of fun, I guarantee it! *audience applauds* Thank you!
    Takeuchi: I’m going to say something in Naruto’s voice. *as Naruto* Everyone, on my birthday today, we’re going to see my movie, the prayers of Kishimoto-sensei, my son’s feelings. Now, everyone, rasengan!

(Takeuchi-san indicated that the interpreter didn’t need to interpret the line, so I interpreted it to the best of my ability. ^^;) The MC thanked the guests for coming all the way to New York.

    Kishimoto: Thank you all for coming too!

Everyone gave the guests another standing ovation. As they were leaving, the fans shouted, “We love Naruto!” Kishimoto-sensei and Takeuchi-san bowed to us in thanks. The MC reminded that we are the first North American premiere of the movie and the movie will be showing in select theaters.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie mini review

Action packed, awesome fight scenes, music, characters. It encompasses the best of the series, mainly the Chunin exams for the new generation. Boruto takes over as the lead and as Takeuchi-san mentioned, there is a new trio of friends who are striving to accomplish their dreams by working together. The story weaves together very neatly and gives credit and screen time to appropriate characters, drawing cheers from the fans. But thankfully, much of the movie was shown in polite silence as I’m sure many were glued to the screen.

A movie which takes place after the main series is definitely full of spoilers concerning the ending. Those who are wondering about the romance of the main group do not need to wonder any longer as they are neatly paired up…except for Rock Lee. How he procreated…no one can tell. (When his progeny appeared, the entire theater laughed at how awesome and most likely in wonderment at how his son came about. Cloning was discussed.) There were moments which were callbacks to the series. Moments of dedication for Jiraiya-sensei, callbacks to jutsu that were prominent in season one. However, for those that don’t follow the series, as many Shonen Jummp series go, this movie is not difficult to understand.

Themes are clear and universal. Feelings of acceptance. Family, longing to be understood. This is not about Boruto being lost in his father’s shadow, but about how he is expected to stand his own ground. With his own ability. Friendships are created. Understanding amongst old friends.

Familiar background music and some new renditions are paired up very nicely with the action scenes. And there are quiet moments too which hold some of the best scenes. But of course, the relationship between father and son is not only the main focus of the movie. The relationship and understanding between Sasuke and Naruto is touched on at many points. Theirs is a bond that took the entire series to create and now the movie shows the fruition and strength of their ties.

I can’t help but squee over their conversation in the office and of course, the final battle when Sasuke rescues Naruto from the air…and stares longingly into his eyes for a good 3 seconds…whiel the battle is still going on around him. The conversations that Sasuke has with Boruto is filled with understanding of Naruto, how he respects him and trusts his judgement. How it is reciprocated. SasuNaru fans cheer. I can’t help but think that their romance will be fulfilled by their children. (Final Fantasy VIII style?)

Definitely a movie to simply be enjoyed. Definitely will give it another look or two when the movie is finally released for collections.