Otakon 2015 – BACK-ON Matsuri Concert

Kenji aka Kenji03 stepped up to the mic as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Gori at the right on bass, Shu at the left as lead guitarist and Teeda near the left between Kenji and Shu. I never did catch the name of their drummer, always lost in the cheers and applause. Awesome drummer though.

Greeting the roar of the crowd, Teeda jumps into ‘Dig In’ and ‘Rockstar Athem’ The songs are high energy and keeps everyone jumping. To hear Teeda rapping live and Kenji singing is amazing. On cds, the music really gets you up in the morning. To hear it live on stage though, it’s on a whole different level.

Teeda and Kenji harmonize so well together, something that made me a fan immediately. And for those that don’t know…Teeda surprises everyone by rapping in perfect English. Initially, I thought he only raps in English, but he speaks English perfectly as well. His MCs are all in English with just a bit of Japanese thrown in for fun.

Kenji’s voice, his singing is what takes me away, but Teeda’s movements is what keeps our feet moving! Hand waves, fist pumps, claps and sing alongs, we’re just moving along to his rhythm. His directions to the crowd are done so smoothly, like parts of the song that we don’t lose time or beat. We’re not just listening to the concert, we’re a part of the performance, the music.

    1. Dig in
    3. INFINITY (Gundam Breaker OP)
    4. READY SET GO!
    5. flyaway (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 OP)
    6. Cerulean (Gundam Build Fighters Try OP)
    7. with you (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 OP)
    8. Resurrection (Initial D Legends 2)
    9. Chain (Air Gear OP)
    10. flower (Eyeshield 21 ED)
    11. RELOAD
    12. Butterfly (Shinjuku Swan ED)
    13. STRIKE BACK (Fairy Tail OP)
    14. Nippon Ichi (Gundam Build Fighters OP)

    en1. NEW WORLD
    en2. Deparature

I couldn’t keep still through any of the Gundam pieces, jumping throughout Infinity and Cerulean. The songs chosen was a good set of pieces ranging from games and anime along from their earlier singles like ‘Chain’ and ‘Butterfly’ to their latest releases like ‘Departure’.

Actually, after taking a peek at their setlist at the end of the concert, it didn’t seem like they were planning for an encore, but I’m so glad they did since they ended with ‘Departure’, a definite fav from their last album. So glad we were able to pull them out onstage again!