Otakon 2015 – a con in review

Otakon returns for the 17th year to the Baltimore Convention Center. From July 24-26, attendees descend upon the Inner Harbor enmassed to check out the latest in Japanime releases, get a behind the scenes look with creators and voice actors and simply create memories with friends. The highlighted guests of the weekend include Mappa CEO Iwase Yasuaki, CEO and President (and Otakon’s own) Maruyama Masao, Troyca studios’ Producer Nagano Toshiyuki, Producer Kurosaki Shizuka and Director Aoki Ei for the English dub premiere of Aldnoah.Zero. Sponsered by Aniplex to promote the second season release of Durarara!! is seiyuu Toyonaga Toshiyuki and Producer Yokoyama Shuko. Of Fullmetal Alchemist fame is the seiyuu Romi Paku and for the Gintama fans we have Director Takamatsu Shinji amongst many more. Stateside guests are not to be outdone with legendary voice actress Sandy Fox, Laura Bailey, Bryce Papenbrook, J. Michael Tatum, Travis Willingham and many others. To kick off the awesome weekend is Otakon Matsuri guest, Back-On with two strong female bands for friday’s concert, Draft King and Sunday’s Oreskaband. This doesn’t encompass the weekend! The question is, what shall we do first?
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Otakon 2015 – Sailor Moon Q&A Panel

Same as Katsucon and many of their events, The Fandom Post has a live stream of the panel and people can send comments and questions which can be answered during the panel. Questions can also be submitted via Twitter with the hashtag, #Moonpanel. Viz definitely don’t do anything by halves! I settled myself in the front row, left of the room, getting a good view of the stage and the projector on the right side. Senior Manager of animation marketing, Charlene Ingram introduced herself and online mediums where we can find all the good Sailor Moon news including Facebook, Twitter, the Viz site and more. Viz definitely have alot of promo marketing for this series including Moonlight parties where they live stream and chat with fans and each other.
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Otakon 2015 – Aldnoah.Zero Creators Panel

The host of the panel was the Marketing Specialist of Aniplex, Joanna Metoki. Joanna called the staff of Aldnoah.Zero one by one, escorted by ACP cosplayers. What a royal welcome! The director, Aoki Ei was brought onto the stage by the Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia and Eddelrittuo. He was followed by animation producer, Nagano Toshiyuki escorted by two Inaho Kaidukas. Finally, the producer, Kurosaki Shizuka stepped onstage escorted by two Slaine Troyard cosplayers. The panel started with greetings from the creating team.
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