AnimeNEXT 2015 – Masquerade and AMVs

The masquerade began with two exhibition skits, the first of which was one of the finalist for WCS 2015.
(Kuragehime part 1 timestamp 1:28) Kiss Kiss cosplay presented a beautiful scenario which with lights and wardrobe change…as commonly seen in WCS entries. Telling a simple story to gesture and expression. Sadly, the fog machine got the best of the stage so we couldn’t see the end very clearly. Stil beautiful.

(nyu’s Love Live! part 1 timestamp 5:25) NYU’s own nyu’s Love Live! group performs at ANEXT as the second exhibition skit. Only 5 of the 9 members whom I seen at this year’s coscafe made an appearance. Their medley was well choreographed and the mixture of songs were chosen well. Love the fan portion of the dance.

(Boderlands part 1 timestamp 16:10) A simple mix music skit which was funny.

The walk-on skits were dispersed throughout the presentations.

(Bioshock Infinite part 1 timestamp 19:20) Best adaptation award. A…father’s day skit. Sweet and lightly funny.

(Pokemon part 1 timestamp 20:40) Novice craftsmanship award and Best Novice Performance award. A rare solo skit that was both beautiful and enchanting.

(League of Legends part 1 timestamp 23:14) Another solo skit which was almost a walk-on but impressive all the same.

(‘Black Cat 9 Joins the Battle’ Super Smash Bros. part 1 timestamp 24:58) Best Masters performance award. Dance battle with an actual battle! It’s chaotic but funny all the same with stage ninjas and magic power ups.

(‘Ouran Girls’ Ouran High School Host Club part 1 timestamp 28:20) Honorable mention. An interesting recreation of the takarazuka episode. XD

(‘Town Funk’ Naruto Shippuden part 1 timestamp 30:25) The return of Kyuubi dance. It’s short and sweet. Kyuubi has made several appearances during East coast cons and the performance is always crowd pumping. (Gotta give props to dancing so well in a mascot cosplay.)

(Kiki Delivery Service part 1 timestamp 32:25) Best recreation award and Best overall novice performance. This is a beautiful tribute skit to the movie. Just based on motions alone, they told a story with such feeling. (And yes, she is pregnant. Whoohoo!) This was a definite fav and a sure win.

(Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker part 1 timestamp 34:25) A skit that is appropriately adorable. It’s actually in character too. (She made her own fabric!)

(‘Girl Legend’ Various part 1 timestamp 35:48) Honorable mention and Best in Show. A cosplay tribute of sorts filled with feels and sparkles. Beautiful cosplays and stage ninjas! This is what cons are about!

(Steven Universe part 1 timestamp 38:55) Honorable mention and Best Journeymen performance. A short skit that highlights a dramatic moment in the series.

(Pokemon and Yugioh part 1 timestamp 41:20) A fight skit that showcased more of the cosplays than the choreography. Wonderful concept though.

(‘Black Oath’ Final Fantasy XIV part 1 timestamp 43:24) Master craftsmanship. A solo fight skit that wowed everyone with the Dark Knight cosplay. Truly, it isn’t easy to fight with a sword that large.

(‘Maou and Chiho Love and Hate dance’ Hataraku Maou-sama! part 1 timestamp 44:55) *insert obligatory Vocaloid dance* Still, it fits the characters very well and the dance was adorable.

(‘Sophie’s Dream’ Howl’s Moving Castle part 2 timestamp 00:00) Best overall craftsmanship performance award. Another wonderful skit highlighting the beautiful movie. Each moment a different scene, chaos overlapping. Wonderful soundtrack and love that ending. Another fav.

(Star Wars: The Clone Wars part 2 timestamp 04:45) A solo skit, yet there are some awesome moves in there.

The hallcosplay contestants came on to showcase their Saturday outfits. It is always nice to see the cosplayers come onstage, they’re very in character and makes me wish they would walk slower! (part 2 timestamp 06:20)

After the hallcosplay, the winners for the amvs were shown. Just to highlight a few of my fav…well almost everything in the contest. I love the variety of music and anime in this contest.

    It’s OnlyYurikuma Arashi – Friday preshow. I have never heard of this series and it’s the first time seeing clips of it. It’s stylistic…like Utena. And as an amv, it’s very welldone. Even without knowing about series, I can get the meaning behind it. Alot if gives me a shoujo feel…could be the artwork.
    Rainbow Stalin Saves the World – Various – Saturday preshow. O.O What did I just watch?!? XD It’s hilarious, its chaotic and it’s so perfect! Kitties attack! *dies* The music choices just totally gets to me.
    ConveyYour Lie is in April – Romance finalist. This is definitely more drama than romantic, but it’s beautiful all the same. The song is sweet and simple, pairs well with series.
    Girl Next DoorArriety – Romance finalist. Never thought a modern beat would pair so well with this movie. But it truly is nice song. Though one can argue that the two of them are not in love, but their relationship is still sweet.
    Say When – Various – Romance winner. An interesting mix of anime choices to create an intense mix of emotions.
    All that MattersBunny Drop – Romance runner-up. Finally a sweet amv about this series! *spoiler warning* Though they do end up together, it’s still an interesting amv since she is very, very, VERY young throughout the series.
    Take a LeapBarakamon – Characer profile finalist. Usually these categories are filled with meaning…and it is truly. But it still is filled with hilarity as well.
    Aria of PerseveranceYour Lie is in April – Character profile runner-up. I am totally biased since I love this series, but it’s not a biased as there are so many good amvs for this series. This is quite powerful and highlighted many themes in the plot. It’s not just about he music, the music just portrays it.
    MemoirsKids on a Slope – Character profile finalist. The music just pulls you along. Got a feeling this was featured in previous contests before, but no wonder. It definitely needs a second or third watch. *clicks*
    Pain into PowerDragonball Z – Character profile winner! This hits all the nostalgia feels. We watched Gohan grow up, change, mature and love him for it. Truly a fav.
    The Little Prince Returns – Various – Drama/Uplifting finalist. Ghibli is uplifting in general, and this definitely is an uplifting amv. This goes better in the trailer category, but it actually matches well with the main anime of Whisper of the Heart since it’s about growing up….
    Awake to the Sky – Various – Drama/Uplifting winner. Another Ghibli amv…and one of the best I have ever seen. A theme from the studio is about flying….and this is like a beautiful tribute to it…and the machines of the movies. Everything that moves our hearts. Even Earthsea is showcased so powerfully here.
    Anime as We Know It – Various – Drama/Uplifting runner up. The amv highlights many of them ost powerful, dramatic, sweet, quiet and iconic scenes in all of anime. 8 minutes which touch a bit of all the feelings we have when we watch our favorite shows. This definitely showcased why the organizer agreed for no time limits on videos. Just see what the creators can do!
    Eternal SalvationSoul Eater – Action finalist. Haven’t seen a good Soul Eater amv in a while. Love the high pace edits of this amv.
    BoundlessUnlimited Blade Works – Action runnerup. Smooth transitions of this amv. Got to love the mashup with the music. There is no pause here…until the end.
    ThrowbackYu Yu Hakusho – Action finalist. A badass song for a badass anime. Glad to see a good amv for such a classic series.
    Journey of Life – Various – Action winner. We always think of fighting series for action…but what about sports? This amv gives us the action packed scenes we all love in the intense series where sweat, blood and tears are shed. This one got a lot of cheers from the crowd. A definite fav. (Strangely enough, not PoT…there was a tennis anime…just not PoT. O.o)
    March of the PenguindrumPenguindrum – Fun/Upbeat finalist. Kyaaaa….penguins! ^_^ This only kinda matches…but it is still amusing. ^_^ (And OMG, I have never seen the trailer for ‘March of the Penguins’ before…seen the movie, not the trailer. And it totally does not match up. The documentary was too emotional!)
    Uptown DandySpace Dandy – Fun/Upbeat finalist. So many upbeat vids for this sassy series! Not a surprise, just keep dancing.
    Contest Trolling 101 – Various – Fun/Upbeat runner-up. This can be a comedy as well. XD The music is also hilarious. Some strange clips too. lol
    The Fangirl Chronicle – Various – Fun/Upbeat winner! This was my life…and the lives of fangirls everywhere. We cried together, we shed tears, we screamed into our pillows…and we didn’t sleep. We lived-eat-breathed Free!. It was everything. <3
    Chi & The Not So CompanyChi’s Sweet Home – Comedy winner. This year’s amv contest has so many cats in it…and I’m not complaining! Gotta love the kitty antics of Chi. So many big adventures…such a tiny cat! *hugs*

To the chagrin of the audience, a special mini performance from Cosplay Burlesque was shown…PG version of course with no stripping. Tentacle monster time!

Though I don’t know what went down during the Cosplay Burlesque the night before, I can imagine it was very annoying. Heard the music just went on and on and on…. Awards time! The karaoke winners were announced first, followed by the hallcosplay winners.

What was amazing was that winners received a Brothers sewing machine. That was surprising considering how many hallcosplay winners there were.

For the masquerade, the craftsmanship awards were given along with some best recreation awards. Then came the overall performance awards which included a Brother’s sewing machine prize for each award. The Best in Show was ‘Girl Legend’. Hilariously, the stage ninja was too excited…that he broke Sailor Cosmos’ staff. Which glows. But he fixed it and it still glows! Amazing stage ninja.