AnimeNEXT 2015 – h.Naoto FRILLS fashion show

There were too parts to the fashion show with a Q&A in between. The style of both parts are very different which shows the creativity of the designer. I made it to the second half though.

As opposed to the usual two designers with two styles mode at previous AnimeNEXT shows, we have a single designer with two fashion lines, Steam vs. Frills. The styles of the two are quite different with Frills closer to the atypical gothloli look with a sense of color and accessory that is all his own.

The pattern and color is definitely something you can attribute to h.Naoto’s style. This line is also generous with lace, accenting the collars, the trims, the hats and gloves with the material for a touch of elegant yet punk style.

What was also surprising about the show itself was not the fashion but the music. It had some really upbeat hoedown country music that made us all laugh. Also, the models had a distinctive look they were going for, serious with specific motions. The match up was very unique. Later, a friend whose also a model in the show told me that since they had to be so serious on the stage, they were dancing to the music backstage to get it out of their system. lol

The fashion show was followed by the Q&A with the designer. I assume since this was the second Q&A, there weren’t that many questions. We had a unique question since there was someone who was overly fond of the music and even asked two questions about it. One of which was if the designer composed that unique piece and the second was where he could purchase it. ^^;