Katsucon 2015 – Sailor Moon Panel

Senior Manager of animation marketing, Charlene Ingram was hosting the panel with sparkles and glitter. She introduced the voice actors onto the stage starting with the voice of Sailor Venus, Cherami Leigh with Amanda Miller as Sailor Jupiter and Christina Vee for Sailor Mars. Complete with a rose throw clip, Robbie Daymond for Tuxedo Mask stepped the stage.

Charlene plugged the Sailor Moon twitter page, @Sailor_Moon_NA complete with news, promos, clips and sparkles. There are livetweets for the streaming of Sailor Moon Crystal (3am, their time) which promises to always be interesting. Fans can submit questions for the Moonlight parties on youtube via twitter. “Be our friend on the internet!” in glittering letters on the screen. Charlene noted that if it is in glitter, it means serious business. Amanada quips that “That’s how she tells you if you’re fired too.” *glitter throw* *audience laughs*

Con clips for all the Sailor Moon panels from Anime Expo, Otakon, SDCC 2014 was shown highlighting the events, fans, cosplays, voice actor meetups, signings were shown. Lots of nostalgia, fan gatherings and love for the original and current series. Much cheering for Otakon clips especially the Stamp rally at Otakon 2014. East coast love! If not the promo, the con coverage are included with the BD/DVD releases.

The attention was turned for cast questions by the host.

    Q: How does it feel to be part of the legendary, Sailor Moon?
    Robbie: It’s my first anime, a really cool one to be a part of. As the question saids, it’s legendary. I was honored, lucky, fortunate, getting to meet all the awesome fans. Being part of something that has artistically held up over the years. It feels awesome. Is that an acceptable answer? *audience cheers* It is awesome.
    Christina: And for me, it was something I grew up watching. It is probably the biggest reason why I became an actor. I think it is a wonderful opportunity, something I never dreamt that I would be able to do: to be in the same show I grew up watching when I was a kid. I feel very lucky and very happy.
    Amanda: I also grew up watching the show. In fact, it was the first show I ever saw that had a team of girls kicking butt instead of other action adventure shows where they had only one token girl. ‘It was awesome! They’re kicking butt and they’re badasses and they still look good doing it!’ It was so cool. It helped me, a young tomboy growing. ‘Look! You can lift men over your head and you can also bake cakes. It’s fine. I do that like every thursday night.’ *audience laughs* It’s so fantastic because Jupiter was my favorite character so being able to be part of the show I watched growing up, being able to bring to life one of my favorite characters it has been really surreal, it’s awesome. I stole Robbie’s answer. It’s splendiforous. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: I have an image of Amanada bench pressing Robbie in the office. *thinking pose*
    Amanda: I do 20 reps and the cake is done.
    Host: Oh, Amanda can do 30 reps of Robbie. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: I watched the show as well and it’s the first thing I knew of anime when I started working. When I started working as a voice actor, the first show I worked on was Peach Girl and I was shocked because I thought all of anime was just Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Dragonball Z so I was amazed that there were other shows. I was working on other types of shows, other sub genres in anime. I thought ‘This is dubbed, we will never get to work on it again.’ Never thought I’ll get to audition for it. I even put off the audition since I was so scared of what would happen because it seemed so unattainable. And suddenly I am auditioning for it and the pressure is on. It truly is a gift to be part of such an iconic series that really doesn’t put anyone-girl or guy-in a box. I feel that the characters are going on a journey and they’re not being told one way is right, one way is wrong. They can do many things and I like that.
    Christina: We all get put in a literal box at some point I am sure.

    Host: Cherami, you were telling me a really cool story at a convention before. Your mom used to buy you Sailor Venus stuff, right?
    Cherami: No joke. When I first started working at Funimation, she went to a doll show since she is a doll collector. She bought me a doll. ‘This is first anime you watched and you were just cast in an anime and we’re going to an anime convention.’ So she bought me the whole set of the dolls. I have the whole original set in my room. I thought, ‘This is so cool but this is stuff from the one show that I never worked on.’ When I got cast in the show, I thought this was really cool. She always buys me Sailor Venus stuff. ‘I thought this one is kinda like you.’ So when I got cast as her, I thought, ‘This is weird, my mom is like psyhic!’ *audience laughs* She has all the cats, she likes the cats. That’s her thing. When I go to a convention, ‘I think this is a fun show, I’m going to put it into my room and see what happens.’ *audience laughs*
    Amanda: She should buy lottery tickets.

    Host: I’m going to pick on Christina for a minute. You have before becoming a voice actor, you came out of fandom, right? You used to cosplay?
    Christina: Yes, I did!
    Host: Did you do Mars once?
    Christina: The last time I cosplayed I was very young. This is before my voice acting really took off. I cosplayed Sailor Mars for college and with my friends. This was the last cosplay I did. To come back to it, this was a very big conincidence and this was amazing.

    Q: You guys just starting working on Sailor Moon R. That plus the first season that you guys have been working on, what has been your favorite scene to record so far?
    Amanda: Some of them are spoilers so should I just say the episode?
    Host: 20 year old spoilers.
    Cherami: If anyone is going to say ‘Hey! Spoilers!’
    Host: We’re just going to say you’ve all seen season one, so are we cool? *audience agrees* Alright, they’ve been warned.
    Amanda: I mean what actor doesn’t love to record their death scene. *audience laughs* That was so cool, that was my favorite scene since I never got to see that footage growing up. So when I was in the booth recording, that was the first time I actually got to see it. I was like, *surprise face* ‘Oooooh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!’ *audience laughs*
    Host: When they said it was uncut, get ready for it!
    Cherami: I have two favorite episodes and I can’t narrow it down to which scene. When Sailor Venus goes to school with the kindergarteners and talks with them. “You should believe in them!” I loved doing that. I worked with kids before, I taught them dance and I worked in a preschool before. I got to work with children and the children are shorter than Sailor Venus and children were shorter than me! *audience laughs* And the other episode that I really loved was the one you really got to see her backstory with Allen. You get to see her closure and see that she moved on, but she’ll always have that…. To see that first love thing. I love that episode with all those sweet scenes in them. Spoiler alert.
    Robbie: I think before R, my old answer was the elevator scene. *audience cheers* It’s like 5 minutes of him just holding her by one arm. It’s insane and unrealistic, but now I think my answer would be the break up scene. *audience awwws* Because I start reading it and I was like ‘Oh man, I’m going to tear their guts out.’ *audience laughs* It’s a little part of me that was really excited about it. And it’s a really fun, meaty, acty scene for the big ham actor that I am, I wanted a chance for something like that. It was really fun to play that scene because he has an ulterior motive. He is doing it for a reason. It’s a noble reason, but it hurts. He is trying to hurt her to get her away, it was really fun. I think that’s something and I hope I did it justice and jerk some tears.
    Host: So we just learned something more about Robbie. He likes…ladies beware. *audience laughs*
    Christina: My favorite is probably one of my favorite sessions so far is recording an episode in R where Sailor Mars sings at her school concert. *audience cheers* It was so much fun to sing those songs into English and I had a great time recording those. And even coming up with some lyrics for them too. It was such an amazing time.
    Amanda: She sounds amazing too. She played some of them for me.
    Christine: What? I never even heard them!
    Host: Just that you sound really, really good. You’re going to be a real idol.

To change things up and give the voice actors a break, there is trivia with the fans. The awesome prizes was the second part of the BD/DVD combo pack that was just released along with the Sailor Moon coin which I assume is from the first BD/DVD release. (Rather then the Otakon 2014 Stamp rally coin.) The coin is in a sparkly bag as well. Amanda asked if the fans can fight to the death but Charlene said no. ‘It’s not this kind of show!’

    Q: How many episodes are in the original Sailor Moon series?
    A: 200

    Q: Who is the uncut English VA for Queen Beryl?
    A: Cindy Robinson.

    Q: Who is the Original Japanese VA for for Rei Hino/Sailor Mars?
    A: Michie Tomizawa.

Charlene noted that she could make the questions even more challenging, adding that during the Moonlight party sessions, if she didn’t make them insanely hard, the internet would explode. (Figuratively of course.) Back to cast questions!

    Q: Who is your favorite character (not yourself) and why?
    Christina: Cherami already knows this, but Sailor Venus was actually my favorite character growing up. But I’m more like Sailor Mercury, like Ami.
    Cherami: I like Ami alot as well. But my favorite character would be Luna or Artemis. I may be biased to Artemis but I just think Luna is so funny and I understand her getting exasperated, getting sarcastic. I can totally relate to that.
    Host: Luna has alot more to deal with then Artemis.
    Cherami: That is true. I think Sailor Venus is more on top of it, she makes things easier for Artemis.
    Host: She has been at it longer, one year longer.
    Cherami: She is a pro!
    Robbie: My favorite character is the baby who pees on the evil alien. *audience laughs* *mimes alien and baby pee* You are all going to pick girls clearly and they are the rock and foundation of the show. I really love Umino. He is so sweet and funny and I think he is my favorite. I am a nerd and he wears his nerd badge proudly.
    Host: And he is voiced by Ben Diskin. What is not to love? You have heard Ben Diskin’s Umino on the sets? He is magically and so into it.
    Amanda: I kept on changing my mind. ‘Sailor Pluto is cool because she stands by the gate and she is real patient!’ *audience laughs* And Pluto is my sister’s favorite, We made her Chibi Pluto. She is right there *points to the audience* I’m embarassing her. *audience awwws* She’ll be my next favorite.
    Robbie: You should have chosen pee baby.
    Amanda: You took pee baby!
    Host: Everyone chose strong characters and you’re like the one who pees on stuff. I guess cause everyone pees. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: Or like Girl B in episode 2.
    Amanda: Or the one standing in line and gets hit with laser tag in that episode. That girl!

    Q: You were just granted one of the characters in Sailor Moon. Whose do you pick and why?
    Amanda: *immediately* Saturn. *audience laughs* I want to destroy the world. *audience applauds*
    Host: So Amanda just wants to watch the world burn.
    Cherami: We learned alot about Amanda: she bench presses men, blows things up while she is baking a cake.
    Christina: Personally, I think it would be very cool to switch genders whenever I like. I don’t know, this is going way into the future Sailors but the Starlights. I don’t know….
    Amanda: So you won’t have to wait on line for the restrooms.
    Christina: So I can go into the Mens.
    Cherami: That’s a good power.
    Christina: Right? It just sounds like fun! *audience laughs*
    Cherami: And now you’re just asking for practical things. Now I just want to shrink my car down so I can put it into my purse so I wouldn’t have to find parking. I want that power in California.
    Host: I don’t think anyone has that power.
    Cherami: I don’t think they do but perhaps we can take one of their powers and warp them so they can do something like that.
    Host: Like one of the bad guys.
    Amanda: Mercury can freezes things so that slightly condenses them.
    Cherami: Slightly.
    Amanda: I don’t know, I don’t know Science, I am an actor!
    Christina: Mars can set your car on fire so you don’t need to park it I guess.
    Host: It sounds like you’re going to need a new car. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: I don’t know, there has got to be a way to make this work.
    Host: I need a power that does this, this, this, this, this…and send it to Japan. ‘Can you create this?’ Just slide this across the table.
    Amanda: Sailor Parking.
    Robbie: I want Queen Beryl’s power. I just want to sit in a cool chair and tell everyone what to do.
    Christina: Maybe you should look into directing. *audience laughs*
    Amanda: She is the epitome of the office manager. She has a high ranking position but she doesn’t do anything.
    Host: She delegates.
    Amanda: Yes, she delegates. But what cracks me up while watching the show is that everyone introduces themselves, ‘I’m the D Girls’ because I’m convinced that she doesn’t remember their names. *audience laughs* She remembers the generals but other than, ‘I don’t know who you are.’
    Host: It’s like a big corporation. She is like the VP, she doesn’t know the middle managers.
    Cherami: She doesn’t know the sales associates working in the stores.
    Amanada: “Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, we’re having a sale on sweaters!”
    Host: So we learn that Robbie wants to be an executive and have a nice chair and Cherami just doesn’t want to park. She [Queen Beryl] has a nice fishtail dress too. So is it the entire package or just the chair?
    Robbie: Ohhhhh….no, just her powers. I’m cool without the wardrobe.

They show the clip from Sailor Moon from near the end of the first season when the girls are about to travel to the Dark Kingdom. Love, love, love, the new dub. It’s awesome nostalgia all together. Perfect for Valentine’s as they were talking about love after the fights over. Charlene joked with Robbie since he isn’t featured here since he is already at the Artic Circle. Robbie disagrees. “He is hiding behind a bush.” *audience laughs*

They show a promo trailer of the first season part 1 set with episode 1-23 with a booklet, BD and DVD discs. Part 2 fits into the limited edition box which was released recently (and just given away) features episodes 24-46 with shimmery O-card. Each opening menu features different animation with the third set featuring the Royal Family. Additional info about the card set that comes with part 2, we have the senshi on one side with the generals on the other…each with their proper pairing for those that follow the manga.

Cast announcement for season 2!

    Ail – Brian Beacock
    An – Johanna Luis
    Chibusa/Black Lady – Sandy Fox
    Sailor Pluto – Veronica Taylor

Before she introduced Chibusa, Charlene spoke about playing Disgea for a long time and loving Fionne’s voice. Voice actress veteran, Sandy Fox is also known as Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi, Sumomo from Chobits and singing the English openings and endings of Magic Knight Rayearth. Charlene noted that Sandy’s normal voice is for Chibiusa so ‘She is naturally full of pink sugar.’

They show the brand new trailer clip for sailor Moon Crystal which is streaming every 1st and 3rd sturday at 5am EST. The current episodes feature the Dark Moon arc which promise to get darker and darker as per the manga. The cast gets another question before fan Q&A.

    Q: What has been your most memorable fan interaction since joining the cast?
    Christina: I’m going to flip this question then how it was intended. At Anime Expo, being a fan of the original cast and having them [the original VAs] come down and shake our hands saying ‘Congratulations, good job.’ That was really, really special.
    Cherami: The original voice actor for Artemis was there. He shook my hand, and he was like ‘Venus, I’m entrusting this to you.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ *tears up* That was really, really sweet. It was very much like the passing of the torch and we were very excited to meet them as fans of the show when we kids. And they were excited to have us be part of the legacy with them. It was very touching. Before we were allowed to say we were working on the show Sailor Moon, there was a little girl there wearing a Sailor Venus t-shirt. She was on the autograph line signing something. I had a Sailor Moon pencil bag holding my sharpies, I didn’t think about it since I had it before working on the show. She was like ‘I love Sailor Moon! Sailor Venus is my favorite!’ And I was like ‘Oh god! I can’t say anything!’ *audience laughs* ‘They’re making a new one and I want to meet Sailor Venus so badly.’ I said ‘Sailor Venus is my favorite too.’ The mom was like ‘Can you take a picture together, two Sailor Venus fans together?’ I hoped no one was reading into this. I couldn’t touch anything with Sailor Venus on it in the Dealer’s Room, I was so scared. This 8 year old girl was like ‘I just love Sailor Venus and I want to meet her’ and I’m like ‘Okay….!’ *audience laughs* This was so sweet!
    Host: It was a sweet memory for her. Its so innocent.
    Cherami: *hugs Sailor Venus plushie* Now I can buy it!
    Robbie: I’m new to anime, but I’ve been doing cartoons for a really long time. When you’re doing cartoons, you don’t really get to meet the fans who enjoy your work. They’re kids and kids are very important to people in the art work. So going to conventions and meeting fans who are children and parents who bring them. So awhile back, I was doing a signing and a couple was together not in cosplay. They were very much in mom and dad mode in their 20s. I heard a little voice behind the table, *kid voice* ‘Hello?’ I look down and there was this 3, 4 year old dressed as Sailor Moon. And the parents were just beaming and I was like, I had to know their story. They met through their mutual of anime. They’re husband and wife and they’re introducing their daughter to the original series for the first time. When she handed her thing up to sign, it was a the moon stick. That was cool and the mom said, that was mine. *audience oooo* It was from 1995 and it was worn, had a bunch of signatures on it. The mother was saying that she wants to pass down the things they love to the kids. They had almost outgrown it themselves, so they’re giving it to the next generation.
    Amanda: I’m not giving any of my toys to my kids. *audience laughs* They’re vintage! You guys have such touching unique ones. At AX during the panel, it was the first time together and we were all talking, I don’t remember but it was like ‘Ah! These are my feelings!’ And later in the autograph line, I had a lot of little girls come up to me and say, ‘I identify so much with what you said about how hard it was growing up and not having role models.’ I remembered what I said since I watched it later on youtube, but Jupiter was a role for me and she taught me what true femininity looks like. They all taught me what being a girl or being a person is like. You can be many faceted. *turning to Christina* You can be fiery, mean to Usagi but love her. She is more than one dimensional so as the tall awkward tomboy Jupiter, I love her and I shared that story and I guess there were girls who came up to me, crying over something I said. It showed me that something that I shared as a throw away thing matters. And being in this position, I don’t know, we identify with them and they identify with you and it’s a big hug fest.
    Christina: That whole day at the Anime Expo was just so magical.
    Host: Sorry for the rough day guys!
    Cherami: Rough day? It was an amazing day!
    Christina: It was so much fun.
    Robbie: I hated it. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: As soon as Robbie go there, it was like- *shakes head* One of the things I remember that Kate [Higgins] just said things that were so like Kate [Higgins]. She is so dry! With the cosplayer, she was like ‘Do the pose. What, you’re not going to do the pose?’ She was just like shutting it down. It was so not like Mercury. *audience laughs*
    Amanda: If Mercury was snarky. Snarkury. *audience laughs*
    Host: It’s not a secret now since you’re all voicing them, but when we were at AX, we were placed in the biggest room. Everyone came wearing their image colors. I had my cosplay helpers travel around and bring them, but don’t let them be seen together. ‘You got her? Don’t let her be seen, bring her backstage!’ ‘If you need to pee, you better do it now!’
    Cherami: You were so funny when we were together. ‘You’re all here? Great! Two of you go that way! The other stay over here. Go!’ I was like, ‘Are we going into battle?’
    Host: Yes! *laughs*
    Cherami: Cause we started noticing as soon as all the colors start getting together, the other people started noticing all the voice actors gathering together. You were like ‘We have less than 5 seconds to get you away from each other right now!’
    Host: Sorry about that.
    Cherami: That was so much fun, it was awesome!
    Host: Throw a blanket over them! Hide them!
    Amanda: Send in decoy voice actors.
    Cherami: No one knew what they were doing…we didn’t even know who the cast was.
    Host: You guys didn’t know who each other were and when Ben [Diskin] showed up in Umino cosplay, he didn’t even tell me! I told him, ‘You! Work the crowd, be a distraction!’
    Robbie: I knew who everyone was.
    Cherami: You did not!
    Robbie: I did! I accidentally received an e-mail of the cast list.
    Host: You lied to Stephanie [Sheh]!
    Robbie: I lied to Stephanie’s face.
    Cherami: Christina saw me and said congratulations! And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, she knows!’ So I said, ‘You too?’ Christina said ‘With what?’ ‘Nevermind! She was congratulating me on getting married! *audience laughs*
    Christina: For the two months we were really afraid to speak with each other.
    Cherami: When we would see each other at a recording session, ‘Hi, oh are you in the thing? Oh bye!’
    Host: No was allowed to talk about it.
    Christina: Yeah, it was so awkward. I went to record and we had a director who wasn’t the usual director and she asked, ‘What were you here for?’ And I said a show about some girls. ‘Oh, that’s so great!’ *laughs* Just some girls in a girly show. And I walk into the booth and she was directing. ‘Oh, you’re protecting us!’ I’m sorry, I don’t know what I can or cannot say!
    Host: Christina, I thought that you knew and I sent you that random message.
    Christina: This is how it worked. I got an e-mail that saids, ‘Hey, Christina, you’re in Sailor Moon! Don’t tell anybody!’ ‘Great! As who?’ No response. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: Yeah! The way I found out was when my maid of honor was dragging me to my rehearsal dinner and I was getting married the next day. I was driving to the dinner and I get an e-mail that said, ‘We’re finalizing the cast for Sailor Moon. Are you available on these days?’ There were all these stipulations that I had to do and I was like I would do anything. But they never got back to me! Wait? They were finalizing it so was it just down to me and somebody else? I don’t know what was happening. I didn’t know until you sent me that e-mail that said, ‘I hope you like orange! *pause* ‘Wait, I do! Is this another stipulation?’
    Host: Me talking about orange could just be me, right? I sent Christina an e-mail saying, ‘I hope you like red!’
    Christina: What does that mean? Does that mean I got Mars? Should I not get my hopes up for Mars? What do I do?
    Amanda: Imagine if it was Naru? Because of her red orange hair?
    Christina: I was so convinced that I was going to be Luna. Because that is who I was called back for. ‘That was perfect, that is perfect for that character.’ I was like ‘Cool!’
    Amanda: No one told me anything.
    Host: I got to know Amanda and Robbie during Sailor Moon Day when we spent that angry time backstage together. I told them not to speak or use the bathroom and just sit still. Do as you’re told all day. And now we’ve all become good friends on this magical Sailor Moon journey with many memorable events to come.

Charlene gave the VAs a chance to plug their events and signings at Katsucon. The VAs weren’t sure of their panel times and autographs and one of the staff passed up their schedules on a strip of paper. They’ll all be at the Voice Actor panel tomorrow and each have their own panels at various times at Live 6 room. Robbie noted that his panel will not just be about anime but about voice acting in Los Angeles in general due to his VA background in cartoons, e-learning, audio books, ‘Adventures in Voice Acting’ since it was the cheesiest thing ever. ‘If it’s a 100, we’ll all hang out, if it’s 10, we’ll huddle up and be friends.’ At Cherami’s comment that he wouldn’t be friends with 100, Robbie added, ‘I only want 10 friends.’ Christina noted that her panels usually devolve into impersonations and singing. Cherami detailed that her panels usually have someone ask a question and she speaks for 30 minutes, giving more information than anyone would ever want to know about her and her friends. Yay!

Charlene noted that each of the actors have their own cards with their respective characters on them. Only they have the cards so ‘gotta catch them all!’ Christina quipped that she gave one to her Uber driver and kinkos and they were ‘highly impressed’. *audience laughs* Cherami stated that she wants to give a set of cards to her dad so he can hang in his office. Christina shared that she did a sexy calendar pinup with her as the ‘sexy scientist’ and her dad said ‘I’m going to buy one and hang it up in my office!’ and I was like ‘No! What are you thinking no!’ Amanda noted that she was watching the first 4 episodes of Sailor Moon with her dad and he said, ‘That Tuxedo Mask guy…is that all he does?’ *audience laughs* *Robbie shrugs*

    Amanda: He wasn’t doing it in mean spirited way, he was genuinely wondering. ‘Does have any other skills? Does he throw shurikens?’
    Cherami: At another convention, there was a little boy dressed as Tuxedo Mask and when he threw the roses, he had such a hostility. He had a tin of fake roses to throw and this kid…I was afraid of him. This 7 or 8 year old child and when he had the rose, he was like ‘bang!’ Whoa! Scale back kiddo! But the enthusiam was there.

Time for Q&A from the fans! Everyone who asks a question will get the cards from the second BD/DVD release as well as Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars cards. (Robbie and Amanda left their cards in their room.)

    Q: Are there any future seasons, any future episode that you’re looking forward to? That may be special to you?
    Amanda: I’m looking forward to all of S because alot of stuff will change since it’s uncut. That is the show for me when they really deal with life and death issues like the fate of one girl who will ultimately destroy the world. Lots of heavy moral stuff. And of course, I want to see Stars. *audience cheers*
    Christina: I love recording new attacks.
    Cherami: Me too!
    Christina: Right?
    Robbie: You get to do attacks? That’s exciting! *audience laughs*
    Cherami: So do you! You get to throw roses at people!
    Christina: I’m really looking forward to recording the R movie. When they’re on that meteor and stuff is happening. And…death.
    Cherami: Every time there is a change in an eyecatch or a change in a transformation sequence, I feel like I never seen it before. I get so excited. ‘We get to do new stuff today!’ I get so giddy about it that they will say, ‘You done this!’ But I get so excited when there is a new thing. I’m looking forward to that.
    Robbie: I was really excited about Moonlight Knight. I was very confused about it. It was very confusing exciting. *audience laughs*

    Q: For Christina, I’ve been following you on youtube with your singing. What was your favorite song to sing?
    Christina: My favorite song I ever sung…that’s a very tough question. There is a song I really love called ‘Snake Eater’ from Metal Gear Solid. *audience applauds* Thank you! It’s my favorite. I sing that every day in the shower, walking down the street.
    Cherami: How about the ‘Peeps’ song?
    Christina: *voices the beats* Peeps!
    Amanda: Did you make that up?
    Christina: No, it was at the Peeps store!
    Cherami: It makes me laugh so hard when you do it!

    Q: Speaking of Sailor Parking and whatnot, if you were to add something to the show, an episode, a sailor guardian, what would you like? Time to write your own fanfiction.
    Cherami: Planet X. And it would be the tiniest little Sailor. A little adorable sailor with some random outbursts of anger. She can make explosions when she gets mad, but really tiny like Thumbelina.
    Amanda: I would like see an episode that dealt with Usagi from the Silver Millenium days. Weren’t they all princesses too? I want to see those episodes that dealt with the other girls that weren’t just Princess Serenity.
    Christina: I would love ‘Sailor Mars: The Movie’!
    Cherami: I read all of Venus’ manga, I would love to see that animated. It would be so cool!
    Robbie: I want to see the monster of week have a 3 episode arc. Where we really got to know the monster, we saw him when he was just the frycook. ‘I’m going to be a great monster some day!’ And it would get tragic when he gets defeated a tiara. That will be sweet.
    Christina: Back to Sailor Parking. Doesn’t that sound like the Sailor in the last season? Spoiler! Because all the bad guys were Sailor Something. Right?
    Robbie: Sailor Non-stick Cookware!
    Christina: They all had random names!
    Amanda: And there was the Gentle Uterus attack. Say that with a straight face.
    Robbie: *to the fan* Did that satisfy your fanfiction requests?
    Christina: ‘Sailor Mars: the Motion Picture!’
    Amanda: ‘The Girl on Fire?’

    Fan: I’m so glad to hear you were a preschool teacher, because I’m a preschool teacher. Yay! A connection! Tuxedo Mask was my first crush. And I’m glad all the voice actors who voiced him are extremely attractive. *audience cheers*
    Robbie: You’re about to make a brown man blush!
    Q: There is alot of cosplay surrounding Sailor Moon. What is the craziest cosplay you’ve seen from the series?
    Christina: Today I saw a Sailor Elsa. That was awesome!
    Robbie: I saw a full metal Endymion, his armor with all the fabrications. That was pretty awesome.
    Cherami: I saw all the sailor scouts done as Disney princesses wearing ballgowns. I saw it several times and I love it every single time. It was very sweet.
    Amanda: I saw Man Mercury once…it was very hairy.

    Q: If Jupiter and Sully got into a wrestling match, who will in?
    Amanda: I will lean towards Sully because Sully doesn’t give a crap. She is tough and strong and she just doesn’t care. Jupiter is strong, but she is one of caring and nurturing times of the Sailor Guardians. I think her heart will get her in trouble again.

    Q: For whatever reason, if any show was going to have a redub, what character would you have in mind?
    Amanda: If they ever redub Utena, she is such a cool character. I just re-watched the whole thing because I didn’t understand it as a kid. I still don’t understand alot of the stuff. I had to google it. ‘What does this symbolize?’ The series is so cool. That would be my choice.
    Christina: That’s really hard. Not to say it needs a redub, but I’ve always liked Faye Valentine. Yes, that would be really fun.
    Robbie: Berserk because I’m a big Berserk fan. Not that it needs a redub, they’re friends you know and it’s not like you want to take their jobs away. I just want to do Guts because I know I’m totally wrong for it. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: In the past when anyone gave me this question, I would just give Sailor Moon as my answer. It’s true! Not just anime, but I would love to do cartoons which I watched as a kid. I miss ‘Doug’ and I miss ‘Hey Arnold!’ I would love to be random character in ‘Hey Arnold!’. ‘Gummy Bears’…I love ‘Gummy Bears’.

    Q: *from the internet livestream* Who is favorite character in the series so far?
    Robbie: I will stick with pee baby.
    Cherami: Probably that little kid who got into a fight because she loved Sailor Moon so much. She wore Sailor Moon on her cardigan. What is her name? I love that spunky little kid.
    Christina: My favorite side character is Rhett Butler. He was so cute. I was laughing so hard the entire episode.
    Amanda: I like Reika, Motoki’s girlfriend. I like her when she becomes her monster form, because she is such a punk. Girls with boyfriends are pathetic! ‘Big Flask! That’s her attack!
    Christina: Random trivia, I live with Motoki and Reika. They’re my roommates.
    Robbie: So who does the dishes?
    Christina: Definitely Motoki.

    Q: For Robbie, what would Swaysway do he was Tuxedo Mask?
    Robbie: Did you just do a Nickeleon and Sailor Moon crossover? That is weird dude! And I am super into it! I don’t know dude, because he is a duck. I think it has been done before, like ‘Darkwing Duck’ right? If you cross them over, that is what he will be.
    Host: He will be Duxedo Mask.
    Robbie: Yeah! He will be Duxedo Mask! Oh, I can see the tumblr now.
    Cherami: That is a t-shirt that you need to have made. It’s your character wearing-
    Robbie: I’m going to get like 9 different lawsuits.
    Cherami: You can just wear it yourself!
    Robbie: Duxedo Mask and he would fly around in a rocket van and throwing roses at people instead of bread. That’s an awesome question.

    Q: What show would you like Sailor Moon to be crossed over with?
    Amanda: I have seen ‘Avatar’ and Sailor Moon crossover on tumblr. Evangelion and Sailor Moon crossover….
    Robbie: In the 90’s, there was a cartoon called the ‘Centurions’. It was cheap animation with the dude’s transformation was an ‘Iron Man’ thing. I want to see the girls transform like that.
    Christina: I want see the sailor senshi deal with the day to day life of Madoka Magica.
    Host: Oh, that is dark. Why Christina?
    Christina: I like really happy sparkly things take a dark turn.
    Cherami: I can understand that. When you first mentioned that, I thought either a Power Rangers/Sailor Moon crossover or a ‘Ninja Turtle’/Sailor Moon crossover. Or ‘My Little Pony’…something interesting.
    Robbie: Death Note/Sailor Moon. *audience awws*

    Q: Embarrassing recording a scene with Usagi….
    Robbie: Not with the character with Usagi, but with Stephanie who plays Usagi. I was in Los Angeles for a pilot episode with Warner Bros and Stephanie was my love interest in that show. The funny thing was both of us was playing bunnies. Ironic, because Usagi means ‘bunny’ right? My most embarrassing moment was me voice acting, fresh out of college. Afterwards, me running up to her and asking *in a squeaky voice* ‘Can you tell me more about voice over?’ I was so mortified by it, but she took my number down, she took my e-mail and she wrote to me and she has been awesome friend ever since. Working with her has been awesome in this show. It is an embarrassing moment, turned awesome.
    Christina: I feel like Stephanie is like Usagi in her strong powerful moments. I feel like she is the perfect leader in the animated Sailor Moon and to us, she is just great. Someone we can look up to.
    Amanda: My most embarrassing moment with her was when I accidentally punched her in the face. *audience laughs* It was AX when we were backstage and I was nervous. To past the time, I was chatting with the Jupiter cosplayer and we were doing the Supreme Thunder attack and I did this! *arms crossed coming down motion* My elbow made contact with something and when I looked down. Stephanie is about this high and comes up to my elbow. I’m trying to make it better but she was like ‘Don’t touch it.’ We than went onstage. Robbie found it hilarious. *audience laughs*
    Robbie: *shrugs* Of course!

    Q: If you can speak to any character in the flesh, what would you say to them?
    Christina: Hey, Tuxedo Mask, do you want to be my boyfriend? *audience laughs*
    Robbie: That is the same answer for me.
    Christina: I have another one. ‘Hey, Sailor Star Maker, how does it feel to be a boy and a girl? I always wanted to know.’
    Amanda: I want to speak with Queen Beryl and just let her know people can see up her boob. I don’t know if she is aware of it. I just want her know if she is not aware of it. It is fine.
    Cherami: Every time there is someone new on the show, Suzy [Voice Direction Suzanne Goldish] would say they are up to no good. I would say, ‘If there is a new person in town, don’t trust them!’
    Christina: If there is a new business in town!
    Amanda: Especially if they have ‘dark’ in the title, ‘Dark Kingdom Candy’ no!
    Cherami: Like the time there was an ice cream shop, clearly, it was a front.

    Q: Who did you audition first specifically? Did you get called back for the character you auditioned for? What do you do for your said character, pitched higher or lower?
    Christina: I auditioned for all the characters including Queen Beryl. I almost didn’t audition for Rei because I thought ‘Maybe I’m not right for this character’ but I did it anyway.
    Fan: Can I hear your Queen Beryl?
    Christina: *deep pitch* My Queen Beryl? Is just about over here. Thank you. *normal voice* My voice is a bit higher than Rei’s. *lower pitch* Usually when I talk I tone it down there.
    Amanda: I auditioned for all of them as well including Luna, Queen Beryl. I did not get called back so I thought I didn’t end up on this show. I ended up being Jupiter which was the part I wanted so that was nice. Her voice is a bit higher than mine I guess?
    Christina: Your voice just sounds like Jupiter all the time to me.
    Amanda: Okay? Well, than I do nothing. *audience laughs*
    Cherami: I also auditioned for all the characters and I auditioned in my car since I waited until the last minute. I was going to a convention. I was scared it was going to end badly. As long as the dream was still there, I don’t have to deal with the disappointment. So I waited until the last minute than I auditioned for everyone. I got called back for Luna and Sailor Moon. They were asking if I could amp up the volume a little bit. Yes, I could. I would not do it in my car. I guess for Sailor Venus, my normal is more tomboy and sassy and she is more refined. Not regal but she is more pro than everybody. *Venus’ voice* ‘Oh Usagi, it’s going to be fine.’ Its more, but not as tomboy.
    Christina: You sounded just like her when you did that!
    Cherami: I hate her, the voice actress of Sailor Venus. *audience laughs*
    Robbie: I also auditioned for all them, all the males available at the time. *audience laughs*
    Fan: Can I hear your Queen Beryl please? *audience laughs*
    Robbie: No…. There were only 3 males available, Tuxedo Mask, Motoki and Jadiete and no callback. Straight from audition to the job. We spent some time figuring out the voice the first day and worked together for like 20 minutes. *looks to Charlene*
    Host: Not with me, I was just in the room.
    Robbie: I was sure you were putting in your input.
    Host: Just that first day of recording with the voice actors, all the licensors were sitting on the couches in the back going ‘Do it again!’ making sure Japan is happy.
    Robbie: For the voice, I have two different voices for Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask’s voice is different than Mamoru. For Mamoru, I use my own speaking voice to make it more accessible to teenagers. Tuxedo Mask is lower, more theatrical as the alternate persona.

And with this question, the panel ended. The fans gathered at the front to grab cards from the voice actors. Christina Vee signed them as quickly as possible as Cherami had her signed already to give out.