Katsucon 2015 – Masquerade

The MCs were Frank and Sadie Doyle from the graphic novel, ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour’. Despite not understanding the fandom of the MCs, they were still entertaining, funny and the delay in the clinking of the glasses became a running joke that were still funny at the end. The jokes were not overdone despite it’s simplicity and we got to enjoy the show. You can catch the entire thing on TheFansPOV on youtube.

Highlighting some of my fav below….

They had to open with the ‘Agony’ song from ‘Into the Woods’. Got to love that. ^_^ She won Journeyman Craftsmanship.

(You Can Not Redo Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild 3.0 Timestamp: 11:25) As an Eva fan, I am biased…and they used pinpointed some of the most disturbing moments of the series. Still good though. ^^;

(Rose of Versailles Timestamp: 15:25) Judge’s Award. I always love a series about a strong woman…dressing as a guy. It’s almost like a BL in disguise! Love the song too.

(Princess Tutu Timestamp: 17:18) A dance skit…but an appropriate one. The entire cast goes at it and it’s a lot of fun. A crowd fav.

(Welcome to Heck, a Friendly Community. Hoozuki no Reitetsu Timestamp: 23:30) Won Masters Presentation. Neighbors in hell…are more hyper than I imagined. ^_^

(Book of Circus Black Butler: Book of Circus Timestamp: 28:25) The props, cosplay and premise fit the series perfectly. And the ending…lol.

(Sailor Moon Timestamp: 31:00) I love talent performances, especially when they fit the series so well. The fuku is also spot on. Wish they turned down the BGM though.

(Nia’s Fanfic Gurren Lagann Judge’s Award. Timestamp: 34:25) Won in Novice Presentation. Nia is a great fanfiction writer…all those blushing moments. A definite fav.

(Fire Emblem Awakening Timestamp: 38:59) Won Journeyman Presentation. Blind date time! ^.^

(Alice: Madness Returns Timestamp: 51:40) Judge’s Award. Have to say, I love the choreography…the outfit is so detailed. Properly creepy…and love the lights.

(Fuzzy Pickles Earthbound Timestamp: 55:25) Won a Special Oldie Award. ^_^ An oldie but a goodie.

(Who is Kakashi’s OTP? Naruto Timestamp: 1:05:00) A dedication…a song…a surprise. The spoiler is that it’s a yaoi pairing…and the surprise…is something sweet. It’s Valentine’s Day afterall. <3

(The Summoning of Alexandar Final Fantasy IX Timestamp: 1:11:00) Best in Show. At first, I wondered what the commotion all over the room was…when I realized that random cosplayers were entertaining the audience as they set up onstage. Jumping rope, chatting with people…jokes…then with a signal from the stage ninjas, the cosplayers gathered on stage for the show. Cirque du Cosplay don’t do anything by halves.

After the skits, the judges disappered to choose their winners as the Hallcosplay judges gave out their awards. A chibi Princess Peach and chibi Mario won the youth category. So adorable! Then the masquerade judges came onstage for their awards.

After the awards, I was able to grab a few winners for pics.

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