Katsucon 2015 – Aniplex of America Panel

EJ Rivera, Aniplex Marketing started the panel with the usual Aniplex audience pic later featured on the Facebook page. He then started the panel by blasting a reel of action packed scenes from various Aniplex titles. He ran down the usual agenda of panel events starting with streaming titles, releases, new announcements with Q&A and raffles to close things up.

Currently Winter streaming seasons can be found on the usual channels, Hulu, Crunchyroll and Daisuki. In usual Aniplex fashion, he started with showing the trailer before announcing the title. I was mentally fangirling when he started with the Drrr!!!x2 Sho Love, love, love this series. The second season is streaming every saturday. The dubbed and subbed of the first season is also available online. Info, news, character bios and episode synopsis can be found online at Durararausa.com.

From the director of Oreshura Kamei Kanta and A1 Pictures, the trailer for Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend was shown. Another highschool romance with an interesting twist, a guy who decides to create a dating sim on his schoolmate, a pretty girl, Megumi who has no special qualities. Featured in noitamina block, the harem spin is unique and the character designs are beautiful.

Also shown every saturday, Aldnoah.Zero is a mecha series created by Gen Urobuchi with music by Sawano Hiroyuki and Kalafina. A mecha action series, but heavily concentrates on the interactions of people who are fighting each other. Notable, Ono Kensho of Kuroko fame is one of the main characters, Slaine Troyard. Aldnoahzerousa.com is the official site where the latest info is posted. Rivera noted that the official soundtrack is currently available for purchase.

For fans of Nodame Cantabile, this other noitamina title is for you. Your Lie in April is a beautiful series about music, growth, loss and friendship. Rivera compares it to Nodame but rightly notes that it’s more emotional like Ano Hana. Kousei Arima is a young genius pianist who suffered a setback during a piano recital when he was younger and no longer can hear the instrument. He meets Kaori, an aspiring violinist who helps him return to his music. Gorgeous animation, beautiful soundtrack with alot of thought on imagery. For music lovers everywhere. Shown every thursday with the official site being Yourlieinapril.com.

Rivera highglighted some titles that are complete online. The entire arc of Tsukimonogatari is currently streaming on Daisuki. For fans of Fate/Stay, the Unlimited Blade Works is currently streaming with the second season coming in April. Official streaming date to come later. The entire series Sword Art Online II is currently streaming with the official site, Swordart-onlineusa.com and Facebook.

Rivera plugged the new store, Aniplex Plus where fans can buy merchandise that is from Aniplex Japan. Figures, plush and acrylic art and more. For Madoka fans, there is a Mami in a bath towel figure. Pre-order starts today, 2/14/15.

For current BD and DVD releases, the dub trailer for Kill la Kill was shown. The volume 3 LE BD/DVD combo with DVD extra is available. Standard is also available, The LE include the soundtrack cd, postcard, poster along with an exclusive Bushiroad card. The series also just started on Toonami at 12:30am with episode airing tonight.

The Gurren Lagann series is also completely out on BD in 5 LE volumes. Each set came with a 26 page booklet featuring artwork and artist interviews. Included is also a poster. Gurren Lagann is also shown on Toonami at 2am.

By Studio Shaft with manga in Shonen Jump, the trailer for Nisekoi was shown. Volume 2 of the BD is available with the poster and postcards.

From Sunrise Studios, both season 1 and 2 of Valvrave the Liberator is available. The second season boxset includes the entire second season on 2 BD discs, a foldout poster with 6 postcards featuring the Valvraves.

Turning to releases that are coming soon, Kill la Kill vol. 4 LE BD/DVD will be available on 2/24/15. The release will include the poster, Bushiroad card, soundtrack cd along with the BD and DVD discs. You can preorder the last volume, 5 for release on 4/28/15. It will include the OVA.

Available on BD on 2/24/15, Koimonogatari set will include the poster and postcards.

New dub trailer for the third and last Madoka movie Rebellion was shown. The LE BD/DVD edition will be out on 4/7/15 and it will include the cd soundtrack, LE booklet and postcards of the movie posters. Standard BD and DVD will also be available.

Nisekoi vol. 3 will be released on 3/31 with vol. 4 on 5/26. Drrr!!! fans rejoice! There will be a complete BD set released on 4/7 which will include Japanese and English audio, Japanese and English subtitles, 24 tv episodes with 2 OVAs with textless OPs and EDs.

The trailer for Persona 3 Movie 2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream was shown. The BD release will be an import from Japan. There will be collector’s and standard editions. The Collector’s edition will include the director’s cut version, original theatrical version, Japanese audio with English subtitles, audio commentary (bonus not subtitled), deluxe booklet with translation booklet (only available when pre-order with Aniplex of America site.)

Another BD import is Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. The first boxset is available 3/25/15 and it will include the japanese audio with English subtitles, audio commmentary (unsubtitled), 13 uncut episodes, with deluxe booklet. When ordering from Aniplex of America, it will include the English translation booklet as well as the LE wallscroll.

Special announcements! The last arc of the second season of Monogatari series, Hanamonogatari is finally licensed with release date for 4/21/15. The BD set will include Japanese audio with English subtitles, textless OP and ED, alternate version OP and ED of episode 5, deluxe booklet with pin-up postcard set. The package is designed by character designer, Watanabe Akio.

Original streaming last year, the trailer for World Conquest Zvedzda Plot was shown. It will be released as a dvd set in Japanese audio with English subtitles, 12 episodes with 1 OVA, textless OP and ED, collectable special pin-ups, soft box cover with mini poster illustrated by character designer, Kohaku Kuroboshi.

The dub trailer is finally out for Magi! The first volume season 1 dvd set is 3/31/15 with the second season release on 5/26/15. The sets include reversible O sleeves, plastic double sided illustration boards and poster. The English dub premiere screening will be Katsucon today at 7pm in Video 1 with special guest, Matt Mercer as Sinbad.

Something that is highly awaited by fans is Garden of Sinners: recalled out summer which will be out 4/21/15. Rivera show two trailers, one of them was a teaser really. The LE BD set will include the 2 feature films in Japanese audio and English subtitles, pre-show reminder video, 24 page deluxe booklet. The package is illustrated by Takeuchi Takeshi.

A brand new aquisition, the teaser trailer for The Anthem of the Heart: Beautiful World was shown. Created by the same studio as Ano Hana, this movie is set at the same time as the series Ano Hana. More info can be found at Anthemoftheheart.com. The movie will be released in Japan later on this year.

Toonami has one more show from Aniplex, Sword Art Online II which will start on 3/28/15 at 1am. The first new cast announcement is Michelle Ruff as Sinon. Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh will reprise their roles as Kirito and Asuna. There will be an English dub simultaneous event occuring at Anime Boston 2015 and Sakuracon 2015. Sakuracon will have Producer Kashiwada Shinichiro, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu the seiyuu for Kirito and Byrce Papenbrook. For Anime Boston attendees, the guests will feature Lisa, the singer of the ending theme of Sword Art Online II, the voice actress, Cherami Leigh and Cassandra Lee Morris for Leafa.

Q&A time!

    Q: Why no love for Day Break Illusion?
    A: Aniplex has the streaming rights. Just keep checking out the site for news.

    Q: Any plans for a dub release for the Persona 3 movie and plans for Persona 4 in the US?
    A: Current plan is only the imports, but we’re not factoring out the dub yet. If you want to see the dub, let us know on Facebook and Twitter. No news on phyiscal release yet, just streaming.

    Q: Will there be a re-release for Garden of Sinners?
    A: We’ve been hearing about it, but no news yet. Don’t factor it out. If we re-release it, would you prefer DVD or BD?
    Fan: Either or.

    Q: Releasing Sword Art Online II on BD/DVD? Any news for Sword Art Online III?
    A: No news on Sword Art Online III. For the second season, just streaming currently.

    Q: Any plans for a release of the newer Monogatari series?
    A: It depends on the series and the demand from the fans. It also depends on the titles. Sometimes we have whole series sets and sometimes we come out with singles.

    Q: Will there be a BD release of Silver Spoon?
    A: Silver Spoon is only currently available on dvd.

    Q: For Sword Art Online II, will the dub be on Crunchyroll?
    A: The dub will only be on Toonami as it has dubs for it now.

Raffle time! Rivera first raffled off a box of Weiss Schwarz cards for Bakemonogatari, a figure for Homura from Madoka, a Sword Art Online II promo poster and two sets of Sword Art Online Bushiroad set, including the play mat and a box of cards. Awesome prizes!