Otakon 2014 – Hallcosplay and Masquerade

After a delay, the masquerade event began. We had the usual host and his jokes were alot better than previous years…at least that’s how I feel. The event opened with the Hallcosplay entries which had quite a bit of variety and wonderful detailing.

One thing I didn’t notice (but realized that it was in place for some time already) were the sign language translators. Did we always have them?!? They’re awesome!

The judges were introduced and we had some ‘special guests’ to liven things up.

The entries were awesome…it is unfortunate that we don’t have the videos for these as arena policy goes. At least we have pics…and fan cams.

There were lots of ribbon and cloth dances as the first entry was Yuna dancing as she summons spirits. “Wedding Jitters”.

“Shingeki no Pulled” was a song routine about love…and torture. And hilarity. Really enjoyed this one. Won Best Novice Performance.

There were many candidates for ‘best performance’ but a fav was Flash Step Presents: The Rules of Attraction. The group always has such awesome dance moves and a great mixture of characters that express a story in their movements. Won Best Craftsman Performance.

A personal fav was “Warriors of Light” featuring a mixture of Final Fantasy characters with their dance routine which was beautiful, ethereal with a message to tell. Awesome audio editing too!

Gotta give the ribbon dancer of “Kaitou Jeanne ribbon dance to the Dive Into Shine” some props because he used a super long ribbon. Unforunately, he tangled himself in it when he twirled it around…but he was able to untangle himself afterwards. The audience were very supportived and cheered when he detangled. Winner of Chiara’s Kamikaze Award and Best Novice Craftsmanship.

The MC either messed up the promo or was just teasing us as he hinted at a Free!! entry only to be revelaed as a Kuroko no Basket entry with “Dance Dance Generation”. Another dance skit but with Teiko and basketball. I’m biased, but they were very good. ^_^ <3 Winner of A Case of the Munchies Award. lol

Synchronicity Rin was enjoyable to watch with a more successful ribbon dance. Winner of Best Journeyman Craftsmanship and Ribbon is a Dancer Award.

Gotta have a Sailor Moon skit this weekend as Sailor Cosmos and Prince Endymion dance in “Dancing with the Stars” that ends with a fusion dance. lol Winner of Alyssa’s Winged Beauty Award.

“Wings of Freedom” was a duo rapping live about Shingeki no Kyoujin. It was catchy with a great beat and lyrics. Just as all rap should be! (What is also amazing is that the sign language interpreter translated the rap. O.O)

“Message of Lifetime” had an awesome dance routine with a story…and a surprise MJ guest…. ^___^

I could be wrong, but “Murder Princess Abridged” featured the a team of cosplayers from the WCS prelims at Katsucon and Anime Next…I think. Wonderful cosplays and an actual story that was told well. Winner of Can I Hand You a Potato Award? <.<

“Otakon Tribute”, original song sung live by Luka. Winner of Living Deal Girl’s Most Fabulous Popstar and won Best Overall Journeyman.

Shingeki jokes as told by Eren himself! Total lol in “Shingeki no Comedy” Wish I had the video of this. The jokes were very original and made us all giggle.

No masquerade is complete without dancing ninjas ala Naruto. “Different Kind of Anbu Training”.

In all my years of attending masquerades, “Kid Buu Kung Fuu” had to be a top fav entry from the Youth Division. It is simple, good cosplay and interesting choreography. Not easy to do solo skits well, but this was definitely good. A winner in the youth division.

“Dial T for Toudou” is a unique Yowamushi Pedal skit…with an interesting phone…. Won Best in Show. (A surprise for me…but definitely an awesome skit.)

“Anime Yesterdays Tomorrow” was another winner with props, audience participation and more dancing. Won Best Journeyman Performance.

“Heroes Day Off” demostrated why you can’t take Tiger anywhere from Tiger and Bunny. lol Winner of Best Craftsman Craftsmanship.

After the skits were the winners of the Otakon 2014 Talent Show, beginning with Catie and Peter Tom-Wolverton who harmonized beautifully in song followed by Brooke Simmons with an awesome dubstep routine. This girl can move!

The winners of the hallcosplay contest were announced on the screen courtesy of the hallcosplay judges…and an eggplant.

After the winners, the MC show the selfie that he took during the masquerade of the audience. XD Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a delay and the judges of the masquerade came on stage to present their judge’s awards, followed by awards for youth, novice, journeyman and craftsman.