AnimeNEXT 2014 – Luna Haruna Concert

Luna Haruna stepped out on stage to the chants of her fans. Purely a singer, she danced a bit about the stage in a short white dress that was adorable and classy. When she waved her arms in the air, the crowd followed suit. We were only able to shoot the first three songs.

Despite being a solo performance, the fans were dancing and cheering so loudly that I can just imagine the gloved dancers at the AKB48 concerts. Truly, the male fanbase was very much represented in the audience.

Luna sang a mixed setlist of anime and some others from her albums. It gave the audience a chance to hear another side to Luna, giving light the beautiful melodies that are just as wonderful and catchy as her anime themes. Unlike Rookiez’s concert, the projector show clips of the PVs and animes during their respective songs.

Luna also surprised the fans with her rendition of ‘Connect’, the opening of Madoka Magica. The song was met with alot of cheers from the audience.

    1. SE ~ A I U E O
    2. Lunatique World
    4. snowdrop
    5. Mizu north Akashi
    6. Connect
    7. Binetsu north Tsuki
    8. Sorawa takaku Kazewa utau
    9. Overfly

In lieu of an encore, Luna did the raffle at the concert…which was also news to me. The prizes were signed posters (similar to her panel.)