AnimeNEXT 2014 – Fashion Show

The Acryl agitt segment opened with a grungy black and white video showcasing the models with classic jrock designs. Acryl agitt has a flavor that is uniquely it’s own, a flair of the wild yet utilizing subdued colors like gray and white. I love the way the soft fabric move and sway as the models walked.

yo from MATENROU OPERA appeared onstage.

Lastly, yo waved in designer Ichikawa Daisuke. After the Acryl agitt line came the colorful world of galaxxxy fashion. With it’s bright colors and playful designs, the stage and screen was filled with happiness as the models skipped about onstage all the tune of a singer that was performing live. At first I thought it was Kimura herself, but I soon found that to be wrong. The music was catchy and the song seem to match well with the pace of the show.

Colors, sparkles and youth seemed to be the themes behind galaxxxy. Some clothes had anime or video game prints on them that matched well with the outfits. For Dirty Pair, the model wore something sporty and atheletic…true to the skin tight tights that the main characters always wear.

Some of the models had bubble wands which they made bubbles with.

Kimura Yu finally appeared near the end of the models dancing onstage in a pink and purple ensemble all her own. Truly, this fashion show felt more like a live than a show. ^_^ At the end of the line of models throwing sparkles at the audience, two guys came onstage, one of whom was Arai Jun of the design team.