WonderCon 2014: Christopher Wanzie


Christopher Wanzie‘s work deals with transhumanistic technologies, and how human beings are going to deal with emerging technologies. He is especially interested in how it’s going to affect us specifically from a spiritual standpoint, and so incorporates arcane religious images and positive messages and mantras in his work. It is abstract graphic design mixed with photography becoming a hybrid product. He has been drawing since he was a kid. He’s been creating this work for the past seven years, but only in the last four has he been pursuing it as a business. He is self-taught. His top three influences are Gustav Moreau’s proto-surrealism, the bio-metric images in H.R. Gieger’s work, and the mechanical and anatomical images in Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts and sketchbooks. WonderCon is Christopher’s first convention as an exhibitor; he is usually in gallery shows and art exhibitions.

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