Movie review: “Stripped” the comics documentary

So I went to the premiere of Stripped at the ArcLight in Hollywood last night and liked it a lot. If you’re into comics, syndicated or web, comics history, a man whose job title is Comics Historian (what great job), and where comics might be going, you’ll love all 77 minutes of this documentary. Esquire has more on the subject. (Bill Watterson is having a chatty year; he speaks on tape in “Stripped” and Mental Floss had an interview with him in the December 2013 issue.)

I don’t worry about it too much; Rachel Rosenthal once said that artists will make art whether it pays or not, but it’s nice if they get paid, and I agree with her. I don’t agree with R Rosenthal on many things but I agree with her on that. There was a section in “Stripped” about monetizing your webcomic that made it look much easier than I’ve seen it be, but it does seem possible for some people.

It’s a good documentary; try to see it if you like comics. But make up your own mind of course:

Oh, and I got to tell Matt Inman how impressed I was when he mocked that man who was suing him. As a former legal assistant, I was impressed by that. He said it was the greatest week of his life because he didn’t have to thinking up any comics. He also said the Electronic Frontier Foundation provided seven lawyers for him. Then I was even more impressed.