Convention report: Comikaze 2013

So, at the last minute V. Mayer wrangled me a press pass for Comikaze 2013. Many many thanks to her. So I hopped on the bus and went down there.

I went down to specifically cover the Reinventing Films/Crowdfunding panel.

Left to right: Nathan Reid (CEO, Reinventing Films), Jody Bently (COO/CFO, Reinventing Films), Mathew Lorenceau (stunt coordinator, “Prey”, “The Program”)

This was especially interesting to me because Marc Hofstatter of Indiegogo was on the panel and I’d just finished an Indiegogo project of my own.

Mark Hofstatter, Indiegogo

Jason Robinette (Sr. Director of Marketing), Reinventing Films

I came away with the impression that crowdfunding a film is very intense, and requires a large on- and off line social network to leverage to raise maximum money.

Scott Essman very kindly made a guest post here on J LHLS has much more information than I can recount here.

Sasquatch at the crowdfunding panel.

I made a point of meeting Elizabeth Watasin, who had supported my recent Indiegogo campaign with Molly Kiely, and whom wanted to meet in person. I hope she had a successful convention.

I also went to the Lizzy Bennet Diaries panel. Yes, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice was the heroine of a YouTube series that won an Emmy. It was a fun panel even though I’d never seen the show (or vlog) and I was impressed by the professionalism of everyone on the panel. It’s an interesting time to be in Hollywood; it’s now possible to win an Emmy for a YouTube project and thereby get on the radar in a medium where there’s maximum creative control and little or no investor/studio/producer/committee/whatever interference. It also seem possible to get a project like this off the ground with very little money as long as there are talented people on board. And there are many many talented people in the greater Hollywood area. More power to them. Sorry, I didn’t get any pictures, but you can check out the show here

Other than that, I took lots of pictures. If I gave you my card, but your picture isn’t here, I’m sorry, the picture came out badly (usually blurry because I forgot my freaking monopod) so I couldn’t use it. Here’s what I did get. Enjoy!