Otakon 2013 – Otamuseum

Ended up taking a little detour. At this 20th Anniversary con, there was a museum next to the manga library. It housed the convention programs, all the badges, special materials of every con since it’s conception at 1994.

Seems that some of the items were from the private collection of Mr. Chuck Shandry. O.O He must’ve been attending Otakon from the beginning. *bows*

The first program…was in black and white as is the badge I would love to flip through it though!

Such a difference between 1994 and 1999… The badges were vertical rather than horizontal. It looks nice! Mabye they’ll bring back the design. There was even a child badge!

2005 was the year that I started attending cons…and my first Otakon. Just FYI, my badge was the panda one.

Besides some basic info on the con guests of the year, the panels also displayed some facts. “Based on the population of Baltimore, MD (24th largest city in the country) in 2011, last year’s Otakon attendance increased the population by nearly 5%.” O.O We’re not the second biggest con in the country for nothing.