Otakon 2013 – Masquerade and Otaku Idol

The MC was dressed as Kusanagi Izumo…but by his opening spiel revealed that he forgot his wig. ^^; The hallcosplay contest went underway which is interesting (since it usually comes up afterwards.) There were tons of the usual dance skits, but the stories behind the dances were great. Dancing to revive Voltron? Definitely the best. Too bad that they didn’t win best in show. <.<; It was the judging of the skits that I raised an eyebrow at…but I'm not the judge. I enjoyed the masquerade thoroughly.

Cosplay Street Percussion was the first skit and already it was unique and hilarious. *applauds* What an awesome parody with timing and beat.

Thy Kingdom Come was a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts crossover was like a tribute skit to Squenix. Beautiful cosplays and expressions.

Vocaloid’s Ren’s Remote Control won a Judge’s Award and Best Journeyman Performance. Awesome solo skit that showcases the character rock style.

The Voltron entry Dance King GoLion! won a Judge’s Award and Best Craftsmanship Performance.

Other notables include a novice entry ‘One Piece of a Fairy Tail’ which was a dance off between One Piece and Fairy Tail with hilarious results. It won Best Overall Novice.

‘What Have You Done Now?!’ is a .hack dance skit with a story. Turns out our lovable characters are going Vegas style…. ^_^

‘Kibble Konundrum’ is a hilarious skit that has Kagome trying to audition Inuyasha…in a Kibble commercial. Yes…kibble…dog food…. Sit boy! ^_^ It won Best Overall Craftsmanship. Magic is all about show and though we could see the lines, the ‘Levitation’ entry is beautifully done. We need more magic in our masquerades!

Unable to identify the series for this, but ‘Dance with Wolves’ is beautiful, breathtaking in a beastial way. Kiki’s Delivery Service ‘Made to Impress’ is a short wordless skit that is a simple to understand with a sweet feeling like the movie. ‘The Shipping Song’ is the song for BL fans, coming together to sing about their woes…of pairing guys together in fiction…and in RL. XD She won three judge’s awards…one for an invisible zipper. ^_^

‘The Blooper Reel’ won for Best Overall Journeyman award. They should’ve been another shoo-in for best in show with a catchy song, an awesome set and great characters. They won the ‘Mahou Shoujo’ Judge’s award and ‘There’s Old School In There’ Judge’s Award.

After the masquerade, there was the Otaku Idol finals competition. With the singing, it was obvious who was going to be the winner. The first girl, Renabe sang ‘Crossing Field’, the Sword Art Online OP.

She sang well…though it felt like she forcing her voice out. The second girl, Akiran sang ‘Papermoon’, the Soul Eater OP. She sang it almost effortlessly. Presentation-wise…the Renabe was better though. ^^;

There was a girl on stage with beeeeeautiful wings. She wasn’t a judge but a standin for the judge, Alyssa. The wings could unfold! O.O Gorgeous!

    Best Novice Craftsmanship – Chaos crawls up with a song!
    Best Journeyman Craftsmanship – Acoustic Luka
    Best Craftsman Craftsmanship – Contract for a Wish

    Best Novice Performance – Copy no Jutsu
    Best Journeyman Performance – Remote Control
    Best Craftsman Performance – Dance King GoLion!

    Best Overall Novice – One Piece of a Fairy Tail
    Best Overall Journeyman – Blooper Reel
    Best Overall Craftsmanship – Kibble Konundrum

    Best in Show – Hitman Reborn