AnimeNEXT 2013: Moon Stream Concert

Satsuki and the other band members spoke enough English to address the crowds coherently. “Hello, AnimeNEXT!” Satsuki-san was awesome drawing in the audience. Tomo and Poel also engaged the crowd energetically, switching sides throughout the concert. There was a crate in the middle decorated with flowers which Satsuki, Tomo and at times, Poel took turns in standing at the top. The crowd was really hyped up and danced energetically with the music. There were lots of interesting background events even during guitar solos or when Satsuki was singing: Tomo or Poel will go to Takaya on the drums as if to grasp the tempo. While playing together, Poel would mimic strumming the guitar for Tomo as if teaching him (and vice versa.) The most hilarious was Satasuki-san….

Of course, there were tons of BL hints during the concert. Satsuki-san got closer to Tomo while singing and he pulled him close…looked into his eyes…then turned away laughing. XD He did it 3 times! Satsuki-san was totally trolling us! He couldn’t look into Tomo’s eyes for very long without laughing. Yet, he pulled him close again during the encore and even pulled up Tomo’s shirt. XD Why break our hearts? Just kiss him already! *fumes*

After the last song of the main concert, the band members threw bottled water, drumsticks and guitar picks into the audience. The intermission before the encore was a short one. The band changed into their t-shirts. Tomo and Poel came on stage first to speak with the audience. Satsuki-san went to the mascot plush sitting next to the drums and asked him how he felt. lol After the encore, they threw more items into the audience including the fake flowers that decorated the stage.

After the concert, the con staff gave away more of the flowers and one of the staff even picked up Tomo’s guitar pick and threw it to us. XD That was awesome of him since he could have just kept it.


    D/E (Moon Stream)

    Encore 2 (which we never heard *cries*)
    Pray for the Sun

We were not aware of a second encore…. If we had known, we would have stayed and shouted for more!