Under h.NAOTO, MINT NeKO is a a line of designs that are playful and fun. Showcasing flowing threads, contrasting colors with various cat motifs, designer MINT brings to AnimeNEXT a taste of Japanese street fashion at it’s most stylistic.

Actually, this is MINT’s second appearance at AnimeNEXT, the first when he came with his band and designs under SiXH in 2011. His visual kei designs are more playful this time, as shown by the balloons adorning the models’ hair, them being part of the clothing themselves.

After the fashion show, the grounds opened for questions for the designer. Humorously, MiNT encouraged the fans to ask personal questions as the usual design questions may be too mundane. Fyi, Mint doesn’t have a cat of his own, but he likes to feed the strays around the office.

BABY, THE STARTS SHINE BRIGHT is very familiar to the AnimeNEXT scene, a special highlight for the con. BABY designers, Tachibana Saki-san and Kano Masumi-san showcased their beautiful pieces. Tachibana-san’s ALICE AND THE PIRATES brand featured many fanciful and playful motifs reflective of Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Masumi-san’s style have lighter colors and graceful lines. Truly works of art.

Guest models, Moon Stream’s Tomo and Satsuki graced the stage with their presence in Aristocratic designs. Tomo appeared first, solo and tosses his flower to the crowd. Satsuki takes the hand of a beautiful lolita as the fans cheers. Again, trolling the audience, Satsuki mimes throwing the flower…but never lets go. (He finally does throw it during the final walk onstage.)

The Q&A commenced with special guest Isobe Akinori-san, CEO of BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. Masumi-san sat at the left with Tachibana-san at the right.