Comic Con 2012: Gregg “Rankenstein” Raken

Gregg “Rankenstein” Raken

Steampunk Poker playing cards

Gregg’s been exhibiting at Comic Con in one incarnation or other since 2002. He’s been at Steampunk Poker last year, “Code Name Hart” comic is three years old and “Aluminum Shepards” is new this year. “Code Name Hart” is the absolutely historically true steampunk story of what actually happened to Amelia Earhart, or so said Gregg. Continue reading “Comic Con 2012: Gregg “Rankenstein” Raken”

Comic Con 2012: Curio and Co

Curio and Co

Curio and Co
Cesare and Kirsty

It was great to see Curio and Co again this year and what a big year they had since last I laid eyes on them. In March they signed a deal with Mayhem Pictures to us the “Gadabout TM-1050” book, the time-machine that never existed book, as a springboard for a feature film. Mayhem produced Secretariat and The Tooth Fairy. They have deal with Disney so their films are ultimately funded by Disney. Continue reading “Comic Con 2012: Curio and Co”

Book Review: Peggy Pinch – Policeman’s Wife

Peggy Pinch Policeman’s Wife
Written by Malcolm Noble
Published by Matador
ISBN: 978-1848767-867
Review copy purchased by reviewer

Review by Jane Seaton

We all love an idyllic 1920’s English village, lightly peppered with a few tasteful murders, all of which are solved in calm and timely fashion by an elderly spinster, or titled gentleman.

So get real. In 1926, an English village too far from the nearest main road to merit a reliable bus service is already nervously aware that the threatened General Strike will bring real hunger. The policeman’s wife senses that the local Police Inspector is going to take out his frustration over this crime on her husband. That’ll mean humiliation, unemployment and loss of their police house home.

As the gentry talk up the possibility of full scale, communist-led revolution, the feudal certainties of village life are degenerating into a kaleidoscope of scandal. Peggy Pinch can’t even bring herself to say ‘arse’ but that doesn’t protect her from the village scolds. The only thing she can do now is solve the mystery, by Thursday.

Otakon 2012: a con in review

From July 27 to 29, Otakon took over the Baltimore Convention Center, 1st Mariners Arena and the Hilton. Already a well established con of varied guests, Otakon seems to want to outdo itself year after year. The final weeks before the con were filled with announcements of Japanese guests. Fashion designer Gashicon, Sunrise producer Sasaki Shin-san, Madhouse founder and producer Maruyama Masao, creator Urobuchi Gen, illustrater Tenjin Hidetaka, Fiction Junction vocalist Nanri Yuuka and singer, Joho Mikako. But of course, the focus of the weekend was on seiyuu and singers, Hirano Aya, Kakihara Tetsuya and up and coming seiyuu, Nonaka Ai. For special events, the focus was on two series in particular, Gundam Unicorn and Madoka Magica from Aniplex and Bandai. Our own talents of the US were showcased. The cast of Madoka Magica was present in Christine Marie Cabanos, Lauren Landa and Sarah Williams with Brina Palencia, Trina Nishimura, Michael Sinterniklaas and J. Michael Tatum each holding panels with packed rooms and screaming fans for a variety of series. Author Peter S. Beagle made his return and the legendary power ranger, Jason David Frank appeared before his fans. Otakon’s first Korean guests, VIXX performed on friday. It truly is impossible for a person to see and do everything at the con, but it is fun to try.
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Otakon 2012: Kodansha Industry Panel

After the issues with the powerpoint presentation was resolved, the presenter, David Yoo began by announcing the latest release of Sailor Moon by Takeuchi Naoko-sensei with the new release covers and color pages. The manga is being translated straight from the Japanese and not from Mixx/Tokyopop as some fans have been speculating. Errors are still apparent in the text but Kodansha is aware of them and is striving to have a more accurate release. Since it’s the 20th Anniversary of the series, the re-release of the dvd series in Japan was mentioned as well as the ‘new anime’ that was announced recently.
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Otakon 2012: Behind the Scenes look of the Maid Cafe

This year marks the first of the Maid Café opening at Otakon. With the utmost care and courtesy, guests are welcomed home to a manor of servants, butlers and maids. Like a manor home, the guests are to feel at ease so no photos are allowed inside. It is with honor that Journal of Lincoln Heights and Anime Diet was allowed to partake of this special fantasy, to enter through the secret doors and experience the particular world only the Café can imagine.
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