Comic Con 2012: Sabrina!

Sabrina Bellydancer

I didn’t think anything could top Sabrina’s costume last year, but, man, was I WRONG! Rhinestones! She started at the top for me: the hair is tubular creniline and some dreds that Brandy from Diva Dreds made for her to blend everything in (Sabrina made it in the hotel room the night before because she was craving purple). She constructed the bra and the belt, and Ruslan from Dark Prince Studios did the metal work, he made a tin foil pattern for the bra cups, which was an adventure in and of itself. She was essentially wearing a metal bikini with a panel skirt, tiny little net pants, and big foam flip-flops, which are the key to standing on the floor all day. Always take care of your feet; your whole body will thank you. The metal in the bra is aluminum so it’s not much heavier than her usual costume bras. She always lines her convention bras with felt for maximum comfort for long days. In her forthcoming book “Build a Better Bra” book on, she has patterns and advice on how to build your bra and line it to get through even the most rigorous cosplay/convention event. Over this past year, Sabrina has been working on a project with Roxanna in Chicago and MoMo Caduse from Germany and the show will be at the Chicago Theater the first week in November. Two weeks before that, Sabrina will be teaching at the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention. Her classes in San Diego have exploded and she’s hired another teacher. Sabrina continues to be a work of art and we wish her all success and more.

The lovely Qamar was also at Sabrina’s booth and was wearing fangs. So, me being me, I asked her to show us her fangs. And she did and I thank her very much!

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