Comic Con 2012: Paul Friedrich

Paul Friedrich
Onion Monster and Man vs. Liver comics

Paul has been making comics all his life. He’d look at the Sunday comics and try to copy them. He’s doing comics full time and loves it. As a kid, he was always drawing, so his art teacher suggested he go to East Carolina college art where he studied painting. He still paints and has gallery shows and other types of painting shows. His new comics are “365 Days of Evil or Pie,” “Man vs. Liver,” and assorted prints, so he was busy last year. This is Paul’s eleventh Comic Con and he still loves it. He feels it’s a great time for comics because the internet gives creators plenty of opportunity and freedom to get their comics out there. He has a webcomic on Facebook. He also feels the influx of non-comic loving people into Comic Con is a great opportunity to turn them into comic loving people. For him, Comic Con is focused on storytelling and he’s cool with all mediums of storytelling.

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