Comic Con 2012: Gregg “Rankenstein” Raken

Gregg “Rankenstein” Raken

Steampunk Poker playing cards

Gregg’s been exhibiting at Comic Con in one incarnation or other since 2002. He’s been at Steampunk Poker last year, “Code Name Hart” comic is three years old and “Aluminum Shepards” is new this year. “Code Name Hart” is the absolutely historically true steampunk story of what actually happened to Amelia Earhart, or so said Gregg. Gregg has been drawing since he was a kid. His parents wanted him to go into the theater, but he realized how hard that was going to be, so he took some art classes in college, discovered animation and has been working in art ever since. Technically, he said, he’s a storyboarder and has worked for Nicolodeon, Warner Brothers, currently he’s freelancing for Marvel and Bandai.

Sarah Jerzekowski (sorry if I’ve misspelled it)

Sharing Gregg’s booth was the lovely, Sarah Jerzekowski (sp? there was a lot of noise on the tape), who had some wonderful prints for sale. She also works in animation and is currently designing props on Nicolodeon’s “T.U.F.F. Puppy” and “Fairly Odd Parents” and she’ll see what happens next. Sarah has always been interested in animals, so much of her personal work is about critters. She’s been drawing since she was a little kid. She originally wanted to be a biologist, but eventually in middle school she became passionate about animation and further realized that it was an actual job that actual people actually made animation and could make a living at it. Sarah went to California State Fullerton, where she met Gregg in the art department, then five or six years later, they met again at Nicolodeon and they’ve been happily ever after ever since. Sarah had an internship at Nicolodeon in her final semester of school and they hired her when she graduated.



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