Otakon 2012: Kodansha Industry Panel

After the issues with the powerpoint presentation was resolved, the presenter, David Yoo began by announcing the latest release of Sailor Moon by Takeuchi Naoko-sensei with the new release covers and color pages. The manga is being translated straight from the Japanese and not from Mixx/Tokyopop as some fans have been speculating. Errors are still apparent in the text but Kodansha is aware of them and is striving to have a more accurate release. Since it’s the 20th Anniversary of the series, the re-release of the dvd series in Japan was mentioned as well as the ‘new anime’ that was announced recently.

The second season of Genshinken by Kio Shimoku-sensei will be released on 9/4/12 that is ‘chock full of obscure references’. The second season is the continuation of the series and is only labeled as vol. 1 even though in Japan, it is vol. 11. The call for more of the series was noted by the original mangaka, though Yoo noted the difficulties Kio-sensei has faced with this. Fans will be happy to note that Kodansha stated they’ll continue the series to it’s conclusion. Yay!

Missions of Love by Toyama Ema-sensei is a new romance that will blossom in 11/2012. Or perhaps it’s a comedy? Cellphone novelist (a popular form of publishing release in RL Japan) Yukina reaches out to the most popular boy in school in hopes to learn about love so that she can put that in her stories.

The delay on Battle Angel Alita is over! At least for the manga anyway. (The movie is still up in the air.) Alita: Last Order vol. 16 will be release on 12/2012. The change from Viz to Kodansha is due to the mangaka changing publishers to Kodansha in Japan.

Ono Natsume-sensei’s Danza finally got picked up. Six heart warming short stories about food, conversations and relationships. The emotions are there even if it is not filled with angst.

Attack on Titan by Isayama Hajime is an intense series with vivid artwork. Vol. 1 has been released already.

Fans of Negima will be happy (or sad) to note that the series is ending soon. Vol. 35 of the manga was released recently with vol. 36 in 10/2012, vol. 37 in 1/2013 with the final vol. 38 will be out in 4/2013. Based on the anime but goes beyond it as well.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex by Shirow Masamune vol. 3 was released already. Airing now on the new Toonami at 2am!

Vol. 20 of Fairy Tail by Mashima Hiro-sensei was also released recently with vol. 21 out in 9/2012. Apparently Mashima-sensei loves to play video games (as Yoo found out during his last visit to NYAF) and he expressed his indignation at losing to American players online. ‘You’re too good!’ I believe his words were from last year. Kodansha hopes to bring the manga up to date with the Japanese.

From the Capcom series released recently, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney vol. 5 is out as well as Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations. Yay for more mystery, action manga!

Omnibus releases include Genshiken, Love Hina which will be 9 volumes, Negima as well as Kitchen Princess will all be 3-in-1 releases.

The Kodansha has an iphone app out on 7/30/2012. They will release volumes of the manga for $4.99 each with a special price of $2.99 up until the 2nd week of August.

Q&A was held at that time, but I had to leave for Hirano Aya’s concert….