Steampunk Venus and other SDCC cosplay

Steampunk Poison Ivy and a work of art

Many more cosplay photos here and here. I bought a monopod this year and I’m so happy, wish I’d bought one years ago.

Well, I was planning to stick around all day on Sunday but I got the Comic Con heebie jeebies on Saturday morning and knew I had to leave early on Sunday. When the voices tell me to leave, I leave; when the voices start listing train times before noon, I’m on one of those trains. I enjoyed most of San Diego Comic Con this year, but, Lawdy, it’s good to be home.

I will be writing up my individual posts on the artists I spoke with this year, so stay tuned. I have about 2 hours of tape to transcribe, so please be patient.

Comic Con 2012 all in one big post