Comic Con 2012 Day Two (without audio)

I would like to thank for buying space to sponsor Artists Alley for the second year in a row. DA, I salute you.

Here are some of the wonderful artists I spoke to today. More information when I get home and starting writing up my tapes.

Agnes Garbowska

Ashleigh Michelle Pepplewell

Eliza Frye


J.E. Hartke

Theresa Mather

I made it to the Black Panel this year

Shaquille O’Neal talking about comics

And cosplay, way more cosplay than I can code tonight, so please follow the League of Lingerie Superheroes or whatever they call themselves to the Flickr account

One quick note about this lovely lady, she was in costume to promote “A Kick Brass New Steampunk Adventure,” Mantecoza

Please go give them a look-see.

Sorry, no audio today, my voice finally gave out.

Comic Con 2012 all in one big post