Comic Con 2012 Day 1 (with audio)

Comic Con 2012 Day One by jlhls gingermayerson

Talked to lots of artists in Artists Alley. Some I saw last year but many new (to me) artists.

Bryan Tillman

Anson Jew

C.S. Pego

Cassandra Poulson

Celine Chapus

David Silva

David Silva sculptures

Jay Douglas


Ron Brown

Sabrina Bellydancer

Qamar, also a belly dancer

Sho Murase

SZE Jones

Thomas Gianni

Vincent Gordon

Whitney Pellett

And cosplay

Weyland Corp Human Resources Recruiters

Princess Girls

Sayuka and Homura from Madoka Magica

Mr. Speed and Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Lincoln’s vampire killin’ ax

Not sure, anybody know?

Chameleon from Tangled (thanks, Molly Kiely, for the fact check)

Not sure, anybody know?


Not sure, but it’s got to be cosplay

And this is a guy with a cool beard who very nicely let me take his picture.

Thank you, Bearded Guy, keep up the good work.

Very tired now, must rest up for Day 2!

Comic Con 2012 all in one big post