Comic Con 2012: preview night (with audio)

Preview Night at Comic Con 2012 by jlhls gingermayerson

I’ll have much more to say when I get home and can go over my tapes, but here are a few of the Small Press folks I folks I talked to.

Karen Knighton of Bird Envy got new fabrics for her cat and owl cushions

Debbie Huey of Bumperboy hopes to do an animated film

Curio and Co have movie deals in their future

Brittany Lee draws pretty girls

Ben Costa is working on volume 2 of Pang

Greg Rankin makes cool steampunk playing cards

I think this lady’s last name is Jermolinksy and she makes lovely art

Josh Salek is making quarterly comic books

Mary Bellamy has volume 4 of Faux Fables

Paul Friedrich is happy to introduce new readers to his work

Ryan Claytor is getting married a week after Comic Con (good luck, Ryan!)

Thien Pham is certain to win an Eisner for “Level Up”

And to go our on a high note, here’s some Steampunk Ladies

and a Cosplay Lady

And now I am very tired and going to bed.

Comic Con 2012 all in one big post