AM^2 2012: Year 2 just as good as Year 1 (or so says Ginger Mayerson)

Batman also approves of AM^2 2012 and will punch anyone who disagrees.

Conventions wear me out but I had a lot of fun getting worn out at this one. Tom Good came down from Portland to cover the convention and knew more about the programming, so I mostly followed his lead. (He also went to more events, took notes, and took better pictures, so be sure to read his report when it lands here, okay?)

The “Ace Attorney” live action film is hysterically funny. I laughed at the stuff I didn’t even understand because it was a laugh riot. I even watched part of it again on Sunday! This doesn’t make me want to play the game, but I would want to watch these actors in other roles.

“Kaiji 2” nearly killed me because it was an emotional rollercoaster and I’m not a young woman anymore. Twenty minutes in, there was enough emotional acting climax, I thought “wow, this is short,” except there was a heart-stopping scene every 20 minutes and then the ending was that times 3. Or something. The guy who played Light in the Death Note movies was about like that in this one. I can’t tell if he doesn’t have much range as an actor or if it’s the script or both. I wonder. He’s really cute, so I guess I don’t care very much.

AM^2 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center again this year where there was massive street construction to build a park thingy that will lead up to the center. I’m sure it will be nice next year, but this year it made driving/parking/walking to the hotels other than the Hilton a little challenging. Because we couldn’t be in the front of the center, we found these big spaces in the back and sides. This is a picture I took of Tom taking a picture. How Escheresque.

So, pretty much aside from films, I mostly took pictures of cosplayers and the cosplay scene, which was choice.

And, of course, pretty girls.

This girl

was moving so swiftly and gracefully, she looked like she was floating. I had to sprint to get a picture of her.

And if this isn’t enough visual pleasure, there’s more at the Flickr account.