AnimeNEXT 2012: Satsuki Q&A – Saturday

The Q&A panel for Satsuki took some time setting up due to the technical difficulties. Unlike the day before, the room was almost filled. They opened the panel by showing the Romance PV for his latest single. They left it playing in the background while the Q&A took place.

    Satsuki: Hello, everyone! How are you? My name is-
    Fans: Satsuki!
    Satsuki: Thank you!

    Q: You really enjoy the moon, what about the moon do you like?
    Satsuki: I like the half moon. *in Japanese* Because it is not complete.

    Q: What kind of girl do you like to date?
    Satsuki: Today? Lots of cute girls that are cosplaying today. We’ll see about tomorrow.

    Q: How did you start playing music?
    Satsuki: I was actually in chorus when I was in elementary school. I was a soprano.

    Q: What is your favorite Linken Park song?
    Satsuki: Numb…because I like the PV.

    Q: How often do you work?
    Satsuki: Everyday.

    Q: How often do you look at the moon?
    Satsuki: I look at the moon every night…thinking of you guys.

    Q: Do you write your own songs?
    Satsuki: Yes. Yes…yes!

    Q: Do you prefer the rock clothing over visual kei? Do you like the renaissance?
    Satsuki: I do have an interest in the renaissance. I like both rock and visual, but I feel that I look better with makeup on.

    Q: What do you do to relax?
    Satsuki: I like taking long baths. Like hot springs.

    Q: How did you manage to get into the music industry and become as successful as you are now?
    Satsuki: The original reason why I got into the music industry was because I really love singing. Right now, how I keep on going is to believe in myself.

    Q: What is your favorite place to perform in the world?
    Satsuki: New Jersey!
    Interpreter: He actually performed here in New Jersey in 2008 with the band RENTRER EN SOI.
    Satsuki: You can see the live footage from the concert on the website.

    Q: Do you enjoy anime and video games?
    Satsuki: Yes, I love it. I like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest. For anime, I like Berserk and HunterxHunter. I would love to come in Griffith cosplay. From HunterxHunter, I would love to come in as Kurapika. Do you know Thermae Romae? It’s about a Greek guy who likes Japanese baths. You know Japanese kids wear a ‘shampoo hat’. The Greek guy is so surprised. ‘What is this? Is he a king?’ *audience laughs*

    Q: It’s a stupid question, but what kind of color do you like?
    Satsuki: Stupid question is okay! I like gold.

    Q: What kind of food do you like?
    Satsuki: I like Japanese sushi, miso soup, natto.

    Q: *question unintelligible*
    Satsuki: *sings a line* I do my best singing in English, but I was worried that my pronounciation is not that great. I know that I am speaking Japanese English.
    Interpreter: Engrish?
    Satsuki: Angry?
    Interpreter: I’ll explain it to you later. *audience laughs*

    Q: Where do you want to perform next?
    Satsuki: I really want to come to New Jeresey again, but I want to perform next time. I have so much energy afterwards! I want to go running!

    Q: Since you want to perform, do you think you can do a impromtu concert this weekend?
    Satsuki: By myself? It’s possible…I want to do it…but I don’t have any members here. Does anyone play guitar here?
    Fan: *raises hand*
    Satsuki: Do you know how to play my songs.
    Fan: No. *audience laughs*

    Q: Do you play any instruments?
    Satsuki: Violin, guitar, piano, cymbals, drums. I play percussions when I was a high school student. I play the snare drum very well.

    Q: Do you like to watch any tokusatsu, like Kamen Rider or Super Sentai? Which one is your favorite?
    Satsuki: I really like the Kamen Rider series.

    Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?
    Satsuki: My favorite memory was when I was singing in the chorus.

    Q: Which Vocaloid character is your favorite?
    Satsuki: I do know of it, but I don’t know much about the characters. I do know Hatsune Miku though. *audience laughs*

    Q: Are your outfits custom made? Is there a special place that you like to go shopping.
    Satsuki: They are custom made. Once in awhile, my pants are from Uniqlo.

    Q: This is a vocal request. Can you give an ‘ohayo gozaimasu’ message and an ‘oyasumi nasai’ message?
    Satsuki: Good morning. Have a good day. Let’s enjoy together with me. Good night, see you in my dreams. *audience awwws*

    Q: Are you planning a tour?
    Satsuki: Actually I had a tour earlier this year. But I do want to do an American tour. Everyone comes in Satsuki cosplay. *audience laughs* Let’s make it so no one knows who Satsuki is.

    Q: Are you planning on doing anymore with Moon Stream?
    Satsuki: After this, I’m going to meet up with Tomo and create songs.
    Interpreter: For those that don’t know, Moon Stream is a collaboration between Satsuki and Tomo Asada from Echostream. They’re working on songs right now. This is part of the promotion for his solo project and Moon Stream. Check it out at the booth.

    Q: Which video game song do you like?
    Satsuki: I like the theme of Sephiroth. *starts singing* ‘Sephiroth! Sephiroth!’ I use that as my alarm clock in the morning. I feel like Sephiroth is waking me up.

    Q: Which is your favorite scale to use in the music?
    Satsuki: If you listen to my songs you can see that I use many different scales.

    Q: Do you prefer playing in a band or solo?
    Satsuki: Being a solo artist is pretty lonely. I’m very happy that all of you came down today to see me.

    Q: Which highschool did you go too?
    Satsuki: I can’t disclose the location.

    Q: What do you like about a solo career?
    Satsuki: I’m having the most fun singing songs.

Satsuki asks some questions of the fans.

    Satsuki: I’m very happy if people who hear my songs in English can correct my English.

    Satsuki: What kind of songs are your favorite? The loud ones or the ballads?
    Fans: Louder ones.
    Satsuki: But with the ballads, don’t you think you hear my voice a bit more? I haven’t done many in ‘death’ voices lately. *demonstrates*

Fans started to share ideas for mixing ballads with ‘death’ vocals. Satsuki shared that he wanted to ask more about the audience. ‘About your girlfriends, boyfriends….’ It’s interesting to see the guest wanting to know about his fans.

    Satsuki: Thank you coming today! I will be waiting for you at the booth.