AnimeNEXT 2012: Satsuki Q&A – Friday

SATSUKI is a Visual-Kei vocalist formerly of the band RENTRER EN SOI whose presence is not only felt in Japan but all over the world. Since pursuing his musical artistry in becoming a solo artist in 2009, he has released 6 singles and 1 mini album. SATSUKI has continued his career with other endeavors as a solo artist which include acting in movies and theater. In the summer of 2011, he furthered his pursuits by working on the theme song for the PSP game soft “AMNESIA”. ~AnimeNEXT guest info

    Satsuki: Sorry to do that, because I’m a vampire. *audience cheers* Where is my translator? She is in the bathroom. My name is Satsuki. Thank you for coming. Let’s start the Q&A.

    Q: Why aren’t you doing a solo concert here?
    Satsuki: I want to do it so please support me next year. ‘Please Satsuki come!’ Okay? I want to sing every year, so keep on supporting me!

    Q: When are you coming out with a new album? Will we be able to get it in the US?
    Satsuki: Now I’m making a new song. Probably I’ll release it on itunes as well. I want to release it all over the world. I’ll try to release it.

    Q: Do you miss being a part of RENTRER EN SOI?
    Satsuki: Yes, I miss them every day. *audience awwws* They’re my best friends. I don’t feel sad but I miss them.

    Satsuki: When does the translator come? Long time in the bathroom! *audience laughs*

    Q: *in Japanese* Will you come to Canada?
    Satsuki: As much as possible, I want to go there. Canada is a very beautiful country so I want to go there.

    Satsuki: *noticed the cameras on him* Photo? Movie?!? *in Japanese* It’s embarrassing! Don’t upload onto youtube please!

The interpreter arrived.

    Q: In the past, I have seen many PVs. You have many different [imageries] in the songs, like the Cabal. What spirituality do you believe in?
    Satsuki: I always believe in the heart. So no religion.

    Q: What is the name of your new album?
    Satsuki: Not decided yet. But like the moon.

    Q: Your clothing style. Do you pick out your outfit or does someone pick out the designs.
    Satsuki: I pick out my style. I am a shitsuji [butler]. *stands up to show his outfit*

    Q: I want to learn to sing. Do you have any tips for people starting out?
    Satsuki: Be like me!

    Q: Do you write all the songs yourselves? Or do you work with other people?
    Satsuki: Mainly by myself. But I have collaborations with other artists.

    Q: Are you inspired by any type of music or band in the US?
    Satsuki: I like American drama. ‘Supernatural’. I watch and listen to it, but it’s difficult.

    Q: How long have you been in the music business?
    Satsuki: About 15 years.

    Q: Your birthday is it this sunday 6/10?
    Satsuki: No….

    Q: If you could be a woman, would you do it?
    Satsuki: Yes, sure! *audience laughs* Don’t be embarrassed or disappointed at me since I’m answering very honestly.

    Q: What is your favorite J-rock band?
    Satsuki: Mmmmm…only one? Okay, I have many favorite bands like RENTRER EN SOI, RENTRER EN SOI…and RENTRER EN SOI.

    Q: Have you heard of Mix Speaker’s Inc?
    Satsuki: I have heard of them. Their costumes are great.

    Q: What is your favorite brand or places to shop?
    Satsuki: I like Alexander McQueen.

    Q: Do you have a favorite anime?
    Satsuki: Spongebob. *audience laughs*

    Q: Do you know any french?
    Satsuki: Bonjour, au revoir, RENTRER EN SOI.

    Q: After the convention, will you be going sightseeing?
    Satsuki: I will probably go to [Asada] Tomo’s house to make next song. I want to make a new PV. I don’t want to go to Japan. *audience laughs*

    Q: What is your favorite alcohol?
    Satsuki: White wine, sparkling wine…and blood. I’m a vampire.

    Q: Why did you start liking the visual kei style?
    Satsuki: In my childhood, I like X Japan and others, so they’re a strong influence to me.

    Q: Would you consider the band Kiss, visual kei?
    Satsuki: I don’t know….

    Q: Would you consider doing tour across the US?
    Satsuki: Yes, I want to.

    Q: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you take?
    Satsuki: I would bring…my iphone.

    Q: The music industry is very difficult because of the economy. How difficult is it in Japan to release an album?
    Satsuki: It is about the same.

    Q: Do you do your own makeup?
    Satsuki: Yes. It’s magic! [I tell myself] ‘I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful….’ *audience laughs*

    Q: How do you explain visual kei to people to people who don’t know your work?
    Satsuki: Blood, roses….

    Q: What is your favorite lyric from your songs? Can you sing it for us?
    Satsuki: *starts to sing* Ah, that’s wrong. That’s not my song.

The last question address being bullied for ‘being yourself’, something that Satsuki exudes is self confidence. Satsuki gave a great answer to it despite it being such an odd question:

    Satsuki: First off, nevermind them. Just be yourself. Thank you for coming!