Convention Report: AM2 2012



AM2‘s second year brought over 15,000 people to the Anaheim Convention Center to celebrate anime, manga, and music.

It felt a bit like “AM3” because in addition to Anime, Movies, and Music, the convention featured another great “M”: Movies. Screenings of the live action movies Kaiji 2 and Ace Attorney provided thrills and humor. Kaiji 2, a story about gambling, built up suspense and tension to levels that were almost too much. I’ve read the manga and I knew what was going to happen in the story, and still felt that way about it.
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Otaku Service Announcement: It’s a SALE, Dodi!

We got this email:

“My name is [redacted] and I’m the owner of Totally Manga, a retail comic store. In 09 we started the comic store concentrating only on manga. We had a fun few years but now were closing our doors and liquidating the last of our inventory. The most economic way for us to do that was to close up shop and liquidate online so we have set up the remaining titles we have on our website in a $5 close-out sale. We have 222 titles of Shonen, Shojo and Yaoi, all $5 a book, all brand new stock directly from the publishers or diamond distributers. I’d like to note we have mostly yaoi stock left because DMP/June/801/Doki Doki offered us a really great direct sales rate, so we were able to buy more from them than of other titles that go through a distributer. We also are running two specials in addition to the $5 a book. Buy 10+ books and get one free, and spend $100 get free shipping. Sale opens on June 22nd @ midnight.

“We’re hoping you can announce our sale on your website and socials. We have a page set up with ads as well, I’ll post the link below with our other info. We had a fun run, but it’s time to move on and while we will be maintaing a presence in the manga world with a future project, being a retailer has to be marked off that list. Please let me know if you have any questions. I know this could count as advertising and we don’t mind paying for ads, but as were closing we do have a very very sad limited budget for it so if you could spread the word to other manga fans about the sale we would appreciate it! Thanks for your time! :)”

So shop Totally Manga. You’ll be totally glad you did.

This has been an Otaku Service Announcement. (Are we nice or what?)

AnimeNEXT 2012: a con in review

Japanese fashion and music took over the Garden State Exhibition Center from June 8 to 10. In it’s 11th year, AnimeNEXT kicked off it’s next decade of con greatness with popular, musical group, Berryz Kobo and the latest from leading lolita fashion h.NAOTO with GRAMM designer, Z8. Visual kei artist from the disbanded RENTRER EN SOI, Satsuki returns for his second AnimeNEXT visit, promoting his latest single, Romance and collaboration project, Moon Stream. Chief editor of Weekly Ascii, Fukuoka Toshihiro returns to the East coast cons with his first visit to AnimeNEXT. Stateside guests, we have varied voice actors including Leah Clark, Michelle Knotz, Kyle Hebert and Kara Edwards. Add in a healthy mix of cosplayers, artists, dancers and singers, we have ourselves a fantastic weekend!

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AnimeNEXT 2012: Satsuki Q&A – Friday

SATSUKI is a Visual-Kei vocalist formerly of the band RENTRER EN SOI whose presence is not only felt in Japan but all over the world. Since pursuing his musical artistry in becoming a solo artist in 2009, he has released 6 singles and 1 mini album. SATSUKI has continued his career with other endeavors as a solo artist which include acting in movies and theater. In the summer of 2011, he furthered his pursuits by working on the theme song for the PSP game soft “AMNESIA”. ~AnimeNEXT guest info

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