Comic Con 2011: ninjas, smart phones, crowds walking and looking at their smart phones, gah

So, the links below are my Comic Con San Diego 2011 reportage. I didn’t have a Smart Phone, so I missed out on a few things. Like these ninjas. This is their front side:


And this is their back side, which is important if you have a Smart Phone:

I don’t have a Smart Phone, so, yeah…

The other Smart Phone experience I had, which I don’t have any pictures of, was of convention goers crashing into me, each other, baby-conveying strollers, really anyone and anything because they were glued to their Smart Phone for events and swag and whatever instead of watching where the fuck they were going. I mean, it’s bad enough in the exhibit hall when the crowds are paying the usual amount of inattention. Yeah, and babies of the infant human kind. Parents, please please stop bringing your infants and toddlers to Comic Con. I like kids, most of them will grow up and pay my Social Security benefits, so I really do like them if for no other reason. But, for God’s sake, parents, just the bacterial level alone in the Convention Center during CCSD, not to mention the crowds and possible injury from said crowds, should make you think twice about bringing your little bitty kids. I know you parents want to be at CCSD, I understand, really I do, but it would be better for the kids and the elderly women who worry about kids, if there was a minimum age of about 8 years old for admittance to certain parts of the convention, particularly the exhibit hall. And if you can’t leave the under 8 kids home, then stay in a hotel that has day-care or get a sitter or do the convention in shifts or bring a spinster aunt and take her to the Zoo or Balboa Park or a host club as a thank you for child care but for the love of God please don’t bring babies into the exhibit hall. End of sermon.

A very big thank you to all the artists I spoke with this year. Please click on the links below to read about the artists I talked to. Whatever Comic Con SD might or might not be now or might or might not become in the future, there are no comics or comic book movies without the creativity and steadfastness of the artists and writers who make them. And God Bless them each and every one.

Mayerson arrives at Comic Con 2011 and talks to:
Anson Jew (
Ron Brown (
Sabrina (
Ben Henderson (
Steam Crow (
Kirstie Shepherd (
Paul Roman Martinez (
Ryan Claytor (
The Frantic Meerkat and The Mincing Mockingbird ( and
Karen Knighton (
Mary Bellamy (
John L. Brooks II (
Mike Bocianowski (
Anthony Hon (
Shannon Wheeler (
Brett Bean (
Celine Chapus (
Amy Mebberson (
Sho Murase (
Katie Cook (
Cat Staggs (
Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman (
Sze Jones (
Maddox! (
Thien Pham (
Ben Costa (
Jeannie L.S. Galster (
Debbie Huey (
CCSD 2011: that’s it for me.

So, yeah, Comic Con has changed. But if you’re me, and you refuse to be anywhere except Artists’ Alley and Small Press areas, it hasn’t changed all that much.

See ya next year.