Comic Con 2011: Katie Cook

Oh my God, can Katie Cook ever draw! I got a copy of “F*ck you Box,” a mini-comic about her cat’s inner dialog and, um, challenging approach to his environment and I was laughing my ass off reading it on the train back to Los Angeles.

Katie Cook calls herself a comic artist, illustrator, and nerd. She draws comic books and children’s stories. Her own comic is called “Gronk, a monster’s story,” which debuts this year. As an artist, she’s worked for Fraggle Rock, Star Wars, and Marvel to name only a few. This is her sixth CCSD in Artist’s Alley. She loves CCSD because the fans are there to have fun and be nerdy. She lives in Ann Arbor Michigan and says they don’t have cons like CCSD there. She has volume 2 of “Gronk” in the works, which runs as a free webcomic at every Friday and has several more cons scheduled. She also has a seven month old that she’s raising. I imagine that takes quite a bit of her time, but she said it’s fun. She left the baby with the grandparents because, and I totally agree with her, that CCSD is no place for a babe in arms.

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