Comic Con 2011: Sho Murase

Sho Murase has been working in animation as a freelance character designer and storyboarder for the past ten years. At this year’s Comic Con, she’s showing and selling her personal work. She was raised in Spain and went to art school in Canada. She’s been exhibiting at CCSD, APE and WonderCon for the past five years. I got a copy of her comic book, “Sheila,” volume 1.

“Sheila” is the story of an unusual little girl named Sheila, who gets some annoying new neighbors. This is a charming comic and becomes charming squared when you get to the end and have three, count ’em, three endings to choose from. The comic is subtitled “How Dark are You?” and the choice of ending scores you on the darkness meter. The story is dark, but cute (yes, it is), and I love the artwork, but I’m a sucker for negative space in black and white comics. Sho will be at APE, NYCC, and Austin Wizard World in October and November (more information on her webpage where I was hoping for a shop, but, alas, there isn’t one).

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