Comic Con 2011: Mike Bocianowski

Mike Bocianowski writes comics about critters that have no names yet, so they are called Yets. It’s a story about an adventuring guinea pig and a chihuahua that go looking for dragons in the great magic tree world. And then it gets weird.

Sounds good to me! Mike also works with 4th graders teaching them to draw comics while teaching them math and English skills. At the end of the course, they compile them and print their own comic book. I don’t remember fourth grade being that much fun, but things might have changed since the last ice age. Mike’s background and education are in commercial art and animation, but he loves comics and has always been drawing and publishing comics in whatever spare time he can carve out. He’s been attending comic con for 10 years. Coming up, he’ll be reprinting volume 1 of Yets with a new introduction by Donald Duck drawing Patrick Block, he’s working on volume 4, and also has a new comic with those lucky fourth graders called “The Field Guide to Yets.”

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